Apartment Dog Training: Teaching Your Pup Some Manners

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When you get your puppy, you should start dog training with him immediately. In an apartment setting you have to be even more careful with your possessions. Teaching your dog manners like staying off the furniture is a good place to start. Here are some manners to teach your puppy.

1. Chewing Problems

Puppies chew all the time. The problem is that your puppy doesn’t know the difference between what he can and cannot chew. One way to prevent your dog from destroying furniture and other things is closing off areas that you’re not occupying. Give your dog toys that interest him and he will chew on those instead. This is actually an important part of dog training when you have a new puppy. When you’re going to bed or going out, leave your pup in his cage so that he doesn’t chew things up while you’re away.

2. Teaching Your Puppy “Come”

It’s good to teach your puppy commands like “Come” while you’re training him. It will help ensure the dog’s safety. When you are training your dog to come to you, start off in your house. Put a leash on him and tell him to come. Gently pull him towards you. When he comes, give him lots of praise. Practice this over and over. Try it outside and do the same thing. Afterwards, tell him to come with the leash dragging on the ground. Try it again without a leash. If he comes to you, reward him with lots of petting and praise.

3. House Training Your Dog

In an apartment you have to be really watchful of the carpets with your puppy. When your puppy needs to go, he will usually pick absorbent areas like carpets, which you don’t want. Keep him close by so that you can take him out if he has to go. One of the ways to tell that he has to go potty is if he wants to wander off and if he paces or walks in circles. Make a potty schedule, so that you can take him out at times that he will usually go. He will want to go after naps, meals and long walks. Make sure you always praise your puppy when he goes in the right places.

4. How to Teach “Sit”

One thing that your puppy likes to do is jump on people. When you are dog training, teaching your puppy to sit is one of the first things you should do. Bring your dog to you and tell him to sit. When you say the word “Sit,” hold his collar up as you press down on his haunches until he sits. Do this several times until he sits without you having to push him down. When company comes over and the puppy wants to jump on them, the word “Sit” will calm a lot of excitement.

Your puppy needs to be trained if you want him to display good manners. It’s important to teach him the right way and as soon as possible. You will need a lot of patience, perseverance and diligence when you’re dog training. As your pup gets older and larger, you’ll see that all that training was time well spent.

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