Apartment Dog Training: What to Do with Your Shared Patio

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Dog training takes time, patience and consistency. Both puppies and adult dogs alike must be taught proper behavior for living indoors as well as how to interact with neighbors. In an apartment, neighbors are even closer together, making it essential that your dog is very well trained and will not bite or annoy your neighbors. This task is even more important in apartments with a shared patio.

Introduce Yourself

A shared balcony can be used by other residents at any time, limiting the possibility of privacy. Because of this, you should introduce yourself to the other neighbors having access to the balcony. Knowing your neighbors will make it easier to learn their personalities and therefore know what you will need to teach your dog.

Introducing yourself to your neighbors is a great opportunity to inform them that you have a dog and inquire whether they have any problems with your dog being out on the balcony. If any of your neighbors are allergic, you might not be able to let your dog explore the balcony. Likewise, if one of your neighbors also has a dog you will be aware of that.

Set Restrictions

You must teach your dog not to go beyond the acceptable area of balcony (by your door to the balcony) and wander into other spaces. This, however, may prove to be impossible because of your dog’s temperament. If that is the case you may be able to train the dog to not go beyond the open doorway unless you give permission. In either of these situations, you should place the restriction that the dog is not allowed on the balcony unless you are outside also. This may be easier to teach your dog.

Use Baby Gates

If your dog is going to be outside or if you want to leave your balcony door open, you can use baby gates to prevent your dog from wandering beyond acceptable boundaries. These gates can be permanently installed or temporarily affixed and easily removed.

Clean Up After Your Pet

Every dog has accidents. You must be prepared to clean up any accidents your dog has outside so that they do not smell or attract pests and become a nuisance to your neighbors. After picking up the mess, clean the area to make sure that no smell remains and that the flooring will not be stained.

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