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Man suffers pet allergies after being exposed to his dog's dander.

Debunking Common Pet Allergy Myths

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Allergies are a serious problem for many people, with reactions ranging from flu and cold-like sniffling and sneezing to severe illness and even death. Unfortunately, the word “allergy” has been greatly read more

Apartment Disaster Plan: Pet Care

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Pet care during a disaster is made much easier when you plan ahead and prepare yourself for any possible contingency. Having a disaster plan that you can put into action will help you quickly and safely evacuate your pets. Make a Pet Survival Kit The most basic principal of pet care during emergencies is to […] read more

Apartment Fire Emergency: Pet Evacuation

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During a fire emergency, there are proper steps to take for safe, effective pet evacuation. You can make this traumatic experience easier on yourself if you plan ahead to get your pets out quickly and safely. Pack a Pet Survival Kit Alongside your own survival kit, you can increase your chances of getting your pet […] read more