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Fire breaks out in an apartment building

Fire Safety for Renters

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Few things are worse than a fire breaking out in your rental or apartment building. You may be wondering how you could get out safely if one were to happen, read more

5 Accident Prevention Tips for Your Apartment

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Accident prevention is important for any residence, but particularly an apartment when space is limited and traffic is often higher. Making a few adjustments to your place can prevent serious and costly accidents. The following tips will assist you in making your apartment safe. 1. Watch the Cords In any residence an overloaded socket can […] read more

5 Candle Safety Tips

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Candle safety is a main concern when using candles for decoration. While providing light, ambiance and sometimes fragrance, the open flame means candles need to be treated cautiously. Awareness of the need to consider safety when decorating with candles will reduce any possible problems or damage. 1. Open Space First and foremost, when using candles […] read more

Comparing Wireless Smoke Detectors and Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors

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There are advantages and disadvantages of owning a wired or wireless smoke detector. Either way it is a good idea to make sure you have at least one kind properly installed and maintained. That said, let us take a look at the best choice for you. AC vs. DC A wired smoke detector runs off the […] read more

How to Check if a Hard Wired Smoke Detector Is Working Properly

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Smoke inhalation and a fire emergency injure thousands of people every day, and a hard wired smoke detector can make for a safe apartment. The nature of a hard-wired smoke detector means that if one unit goes off, they all go off at once, ensuring that no matter where you are in your home, you […] read more

Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Explained

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Many of us rely on a photoelectric smoke detector to alert us of any possible fire danger in our homes, but not everyone understands the physics behind this kind of home or apartment security device. Knowing more about your smoke detectors can help you see how effective they are in preventing fires, and why it’s […] read more

Ionization Smoke Detectors Explained

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A whole lot of us rely on an ionization smoke detector to alert us to fire danger in our homes. But what do we really know about this kind of fire alarm device? Looking at the particulars of the gear we use for house or apartment safety can give renters or homeowners more control over […] read more

8 Fire Safety Tips for Studio Apartment Dwellers

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When it comes to studio apartments you have to be extra conscious of fire safety. Here are 8 fire safety tips for studio apartment dwellers: 1. Escape Plan Studio apartments often only have the front door as a single entrance/exit. Studios rarely have access to a balcony, and some don’t even have windows. Consider these […] read more

5 Fire Safety Tips for Balcony Barbecuing

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You can enjoy the wonders of barbecue cooking right on your balcony if you follow basic fire safety tips. A simple accident can cause major damage to your own apartment and to your neighbor’s. Before you start, review these 5 tips for safe barbecuing: 1. Don’t Use Propane There are many choices for grills, but […] read more