5 Benefits of Townhouse Apartments

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Townhouse apartments are superior to regular apartments in many ways. They are so popular that vacancies can be hard to come by in many places. You have to be vigilant in your apartment search, and drive around neighborhoods to find some. If you can find one within your price range, you should go for it. Here’s why:

1 – Multi-Levels

Townhouse apartments have two or three levels, which is one of the few ways to have a stairway in your apartment. It’s appealing for many decorating styles, and the separation of the two floors makes it easier to keep your apartment looking neat for guests who drop by. For example, you can keep the downstairs looking orderly, while delaying your cleaning of upstairs bedrooms. It’s perfect for children who could use a separate play space for toys and clothing that can make your apartment look messy.

2 – Backyard

Some apartments don’t offer a backyard. It’s difficult to live with children or pets without a backyard. Even if you’re single, you can benefit from lying in the sun or having a cookout in your backyard. Townhouse apartments often have a small backyard. You can try your hand at container gardening in your backyard, whereas you can’t in a regular apartment unless you have a balcony or a deck.

3 – Home Office or Work Area

You may have an opportunity to meet clients at your home office in your townhouse apartment. It depends on what your landlord agrees to and the zoning laws in your community. It’s much easier to separate personal and business space in townhouse apartments than in regular apartments, because of the different levels. You can convert the downstairs space to your office or work area and “live” upstairs. For example, you can cut people’s hair downstairs in the living room, but convert an extra room upstairs to your family living room.

4 – Basement

You’re not going to have access to a basement in a regular apartment, but many townhouse apartments have them. Storing extra belongings in your basement will save you money on renting self-storage space. You can also get creative and convert your basement in the following ways:

-Recording studio
-Art studio
-Family den
-Workshop (such as woodworking, arts and crafts)
-Workout room

Pretend that your basement is an extra room and decide how to best to use it. You can keep it warm with space heaters, if it’s not heated.

5 – Privacy

When you’re sandwiched between tenants who live above you, underneath you and on both sides, you lack privacy. Apartment buildings offer very little privacy, and even smaller units make it difficult to feel as if you have your own space. Townhouse apartments are not as good as private homes for rent, but you get more privacy than in regular apartments. You’ll be surrounded by fewer tenants, and you can find one with just one tenant close by. If you cherish your privacy, you should look into renting one.

Consider these benefits that townhouse apartments have to offer before you rent. Include them in your search as you hunt around for apartments.

3 Responses to “5 Benefits of Townhouse Apartments”

  1. November 16, 2016 at 11:14 am, Dennis Sanchez said:

    My younger brother has been looking for a new place to live and I had heard in the past that townhomes were a good option. I love what you said about how they often have a backyard, and often space for a garden. My brother loves spending time outdoors and if he could find a place that is smaller, but still has a nice backyard it would make him very happy. Thanks for the read.


  2. January 12, 2017 at 11:45 am, Ben Allen said:

    I appreciate the information on the benefits of owning a townhouse apartment. I agree the one of the best parts is that you have a yard, this can be super helpful especially if you have pets or kids. My sister has been looking into apartment homes, I will be sure to share this information with her.


  3. May 15, 2017 at 8:20 am, John said:

    My wife and I would like to move into a home, but we aren't quite in a financial situation that would allow us to own a home by ourselves. Based off what the article says, a townhome might be a really good option for us since it's not quite as expensive as a private home, but still offers a lot of the same benefits. I think one of the more attractive benefits the article mentions is how a townhome offers much more privacy than an apartment. I think this would be great for us since it would give us a home feel while still being an affordable option.


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