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Eclectic throws and wicker baskets are the cornerstones of the free-feeling boho chic aesthetic.

4 Tips for Bringing the Boho-Chic Look Into Your Home

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A theory has circulated for years that if you keep your clothes or furniture long enough, the style will come around again. This has proved true with read more

A living area that incorporates a few quintessential features of industrial chic decor, including concrete and exposed crossbeams.

5 Ways to Update Your Industrial Chic Apartment

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Right around the turn of the 21st century, industrial chic was born. Also called industrial style, it evolved from people transforming old warehouses, schools, manufacturing plants, and other traditionally non-residential buildings into living spaces. The first of these converted flats most commonly consisted of huge single-story units with no walls, rooms, central heating, or conventional […] read more

5 Common English Country Style Elements to Incorporate into Your Apartment

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You may enjoy a country living decor, but haven’t considered the English country style before. This decorating style is found throughout Europe in mansions as well as small cottages, and people around the world are incorporating its elements into their living space. Perhaps you’ve seen a picture or television show profiling the English country style […] read more