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bright living room curtains

10 Ways to Add Color to Your Apartment Without Painting

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I love bold, bright colors when it comes to home decor. From my lime green couch to my teal dining table, I find ways to blend colors and patterns all throughout my home. Unfortunately my last two landlords didn’t allow bright paint on the walls. read more

Hanging Art Up

Coloring Your Walls Without Paint

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One of the biggest challenges of apartment living is trying to decorate your space without breaking any of the rules outlined in your lease agreement. You might already be perusing your favorite DIY sites for inspiration, but there’s a chance that your landlord will be less than thrilled by your sudden urge to redo your […] read more

6 Ways to Cover Up an Ugly Wall Color

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An ugly wall color shouldn’t stop you from renting an otherwise fine apartment. With a few simple tricks, you can cover it up and not be embarrassed when you invite company over. Here are a few ways to cover up an ugly wall color so that you can enjoy your living space: 1 – Repaint […] read more