Dorm Room Decorating Tips

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When it comes to dorm room decorating, more than a few new students end up drawing a blank. Lots of those concrete walled cubicle rooms in college dormitories can be difficult to dress up. However, with a little creativity and TLC, your dorm room can end up looking pretty good. Here are some of the most popular and easy ways to outfit a dorm space for a better overall look that’s more attractive to visitors.

Posters and Wall Art

If your walls are looking like the gray industrial facades of some desolate far off city, dress them up with neat visuals. Almost anything can look good in a frame, and with some of those new easy-stick hanging tools, you can have your walls looking brighter and your room a lot more livable.

Curtains and Fabric Hanging

Lots of students like to hang fabric round a dorm room to make it more colorful. Yours doesn’t have to be the classic tie-dye variety that has become a kind of cliché. Look for any kind of pattern that compliments your personal sense of style, and get it up on the wall to review the way it fits with other furnishings.

Small Furniture

If you have room in your dorm space, adding a coffee table or other mall piece of furniture can make the room look more inviting. A coffee table is an anchor for a lot of smaller items that can bring a lived-in look to a room or apartment, and it’s relatively easy to get these small pieces into the top floors of your residence hall.

Lamps and Mood Lighting

Lamps and other interior lighting fixtures can make your dorm room look a lot more pleasant, especially on a winter day or when it’s raining outside. Again, to go with a cliché look, you can try out a lava lamp, but your options aren’t restricted to what’s been done. Today, new technologies like LED rope lighting make it even easier to outfit a dorm room or other space with creative, colorful lights. Experiment with different kinds of leading to find out what works for your room.


Another common complaint about dorm rooms is the flooring. Cover up your floor with a nice area rug. Make sure all of the edges get where they need to be, for instance, under the legs of bunk beds or other large installations. Good rug choices can help protect flooring, add color to a room, and make your dorm space more comfortable.

Using Interior Space

One of the challenges of decorating a dorm room is to use all of the space that is available. Look at areas like lofts or unused bunks as an opportunity for some creative decorative assemblies.

All of this can jazz up a dormitory room to make college life a little more comfortable and help visitors feel more at home in your temporary home.

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