Planning an Around the World Party in College Apartment Complexes

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Holding Around the World parties in college apartment complexes can be an incredibly fun way to socialize with neighbors and friends. The college apartment complex is especially ideal for such a party, since it’s a close-knit community full of lots of people in the same age range.

Explaining the Around the World Party

Before you can host Around the World parties at apartment complexes, you have to know exactly what they entail so you can explain it to your neighbors and guests. While the exact format of the party is always flexible and left up to the participants, the traditional Around the World party actually doesn’t entail anything like sampling global cuisine. The “world” is actually the apartment complex itself and the guests participating in the party go from apartment to apartment, effectively traveling the “world” during the evening’s events.

The Around the World Party Offerings

The highlight of the Around the World party is the cocktail offered at each stop along the way. This involves some coordination, as you don’t want to have the same cocktail offered twice in the same evening. Along with the cocktail, you can include hors d’oeuvres, finger food or even small samples of a larger dish (again, try to coordinate it so that no places have the same food). Just remember that the guests will quickly become full if they eat too much at each stop.

Enlisting the Neighbors

You can’t hold Around the World parties in apartment complexes without the neighbors. If you propose the idea, your apartment can serve as the main host location at which the party will begin and end. You can have an Around the World party with as few as three or so participating apartments, but the more neighbors who participate in the party, the better. Of course, all of the neighbors who participate are guests of the party, but you can all add guests from other locations as well.

As the organizer, just be sure to take note of the number of outside guests each participant invites, so that all of the participants can plan to have enough cocktails and food available.

Scheduling the Party

Once you have enough neighbors participating, agree on a night for the party. Start the party somewhat early in the evening, unless you plan to go into the wee hours of the morning—something that may not be allowed in all apartment complexes. The object of the evening is to spend between 30 and 45 minutes at each participating apartment, so make a schedule, assign a time slot for each participating apartment and pass out the schedule ahead of time. As the organizer, remind the host of the next apartment about 10 minutes before it’s his or her time to host the group so he or she can leave a bit early to prepare.

One of the reasons why college apartment complexes make ideal locations for Around the World parties is because many of the participants live right there and won’t need to drive after imbibing all that alcohol. If some of your guests will need to drive away, make sure they’re with a designated driver. Also, be careful that all of your participants are at least 21, or you could get in trouble with the law as the host.

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