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College Apartment vs. University Housing

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There comes a time in your college career when you have the choice between living on campus in university housing or moving off campus into your own apartment. There are significant advantages and disadvantages to each, and what you choose to do is ultimately a matter of what works best for your lifestyle. Here’s an […] read more

Noisy College Roommate: How to Handle a Music Major

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You might think this would never happen to your college roommate, but then again, it just might: call it an occupational hazard, but some of the music majors who move to a campus to study their favorite instrument start to go a little out of control. After all, where most students study out of books, […] read more

Energy-Saving Ideas for the College Student

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College students looking for energy saving ideas will find that even cutting back in minor ways can add up quickly to savings on their utility bills or at least a reduced negative impact on the environment. Any of the following ideas can help you cut back on energy consumption in your apartment: Get a Retractable […] read more

5 Dorm Room Storage Options

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There are a lot of pluses to living in a dorm room at college. The dorm provides great social interaction (depending on your floor), a convenient temporary living space, and three squares a day, if you opted for the campus meal plan. However, there are some challenges to dorm living, and not all of them […] read more

Porch Design Ideas for College Students

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The best porch design ideas for college students focus on simplicity, mood and function. With the right furniture and accessories you can create an outdoor workspace as well as outdoor room for the ultimate relaxation. Here are a few guidelines to follow when you want to figure out ways to design your porch: Mood What […] read more

How to Find the Right College Apartment

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Searching for that perfect college apartment can be fun. You’re embarking on a new phase in your college career, and living off campus gives you the freedom to do as you please and feel more self-sufficient. Finding your college apartment will be easier if you go into the process with some focus. Having an idea […] read more

6 Safety Precautions for Apartments Near College Campuses

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Lots of locals in college towns know that there can be some specific risks to living in apartments near college campuses. To some residents who are uninvolved in campus life, moving to a spot near a local school is practically an invitation to the marauding hordes of roving students who can represent a serious safety […] read more

Apartment Hunting Tips for Parents of College Students

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Apartment hunting can take a lot of time and effort—and doesn’t always end well—if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re searching for an apartment for your son or daughter who’s going away to school, the decision can be even more nerve-wracking, since you want to make sure your child has the ideal college […] read more

Apartment Decorating for College Living

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An essential part of college living is decorating your apartment in such a way that you have a trendy, attractive home that’s comfortable and functional. Because college students often have limited space, particularly if you can only afford a small apartment and/or you have multiple roommates, organization is key to college apartment decorating. Eliminate Clutter […] read more