Creative Kids’ Bathroom Decor

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You can have a lot of fun when it comes to creative kids’ bathroom decor. Every child’s bathroom can be as unique as he is. There’s no reason why equal creative attention cannot be given to this room. It can make teeth brushing and nightly bath time more of an adventure than a chore.

Imitation Decoration

If a child has a favorite singer or actress as a hero, you may consider letting her decorate her own bathroom like the star she admires. Celebrities often offer sneak peaks into their homes in magazines and celebrity entertainment shows. Celebrities often have the benefit of interior decorators, and you can benefit from emulating that at a significant fraction of the cost. By simply choosing similar colors and painting yourself, you can transform the walls. Add accessories from your local mart that reflect the same colors or theme, and you’ll be mostly done. Your little girl can feel like a superstar every time she takes a bubble bath.

Disney and Other Animated Characters

You can create a popular theme for your child’s bathroom without relying on over-priced, cheap merchandise that will be thrown away. Instead of buying toothbrush holders with a theme, place stickers on a $1 holder from the local dollar store. Instead of spending a lot of money on wallpaper on a theme that your child may outgrow in a year, try drawing and painting from stencils on the walls and doors. A child is not going to care about the price tag on the products. He’ll enjoy the experience. When he can help create them as a craft project, it will be even more fun.

Through the Years

Consider making a creative bathroom really unique to your child. Frame beach, pool or bath time photographs of your child in swimsuits or otherwise with a water theme. Use different-sized frames that may have a beach theme themselves or go for cheaper frames with a light blue or sandy color. Arrange them in sort of a college form on the walls, so that they reflect all the fun with water that your child has had. It can inspire your child at bath time, and it will bring admiration from visitors who see the sentimentality and creativity combined.

Other ideas on this theme include framing the first swimsuit of your child, so that he can see and remember how small he once was, and perhaps a box frame, where you can put mementos, such as the first seashells collected on the beach or a menu from a cafe that you always enjoy when visiting a seaside town. Use your imagination and choose what things will make you and your child smile.

Favorite Color Explosion

Most children will pick a favorite color early in life, if for no other reason than the fact that it’s an often asked question of kids. If your child is passionate about a color, bring out this love in how you decorate the bathroom. Because it’s a bathroom for a child, you don’t have to get worried about matching everything perfectly. In fact ,the child might delight in a room full of its many shades. Go with coloring the wall, decor and shower curtain all in your child’s favorite color.

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