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8 Tips to Eliminate Odors

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You’ll want to clean your apartment on a regular basis in order to eliminate odors. Depending on your neighborhood and the climate where you live, it might not be an option to just throw open the windows and doors to air the place out. There are also a number of problem spots that you can […] read more

Eliminating Mold Using Household Cleaners

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Mold spores are everywhere, but fortunately, moldy surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected using household cleaners. Mold and mildew are typically found growing where moisture, warmth and poor air circulation are present, so checking those areas will help you to locate mold. Step One: Take the Surface Into Consideration Whether you can clean the mold depends […] read more

Clean with Vinegar and Save Money

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One of the best ways to save money is to clean with vinegar by making homemade cleaning supplies. You can use vinegar to deodorize, disinfect, cut grease, remove rust and eliminate mineral buildup. Due to its acidity, vinegar can kill most molds, bacteria and germs. Vinegar Versus Commercial Cleaning Products Buying separate cleaning products for […] read more

How a Schedule Can Keep Your Apartment Clean

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Some people have a knack for keeping their apartment clean. While each person manages their home a little differently, you can improve your room’s regular tidiness by organizing a cleaning routine. The best way to do this is to create a cleaning schedule. Cleaning Goals Generally speaking, your goal is to keep your apartment clean, […] read more

9 Tips for Child-Proofing Your Bathroom

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One of the most important rooms in your apartment that needs child proofing is the bathroom. Because it’s such a high-traffic room, there are a lot of potential hazards that you might not think about. Here are some tips to keep the bathroom safe for your small children. 1. Sharp Corners There’s usually at least one […] read more

Apartment Cleaning: Keeping it Dust-Free

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Although apartment cleaning can be a challenge, keeping an apartment dust-free can be easier than you think.  Dust comes from a variety of places like skin cells, human and animal hair, and environmental pollutants. With dust invading your home everyday, it’s important to develop regular cleaning habits. Frequent dusting will keep the air clean and […] read more

Keeping Your Apartment Clean as a Whistle

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Apartments have a way of transitioning from freshly cleaned spaces to chaotic pits of dirty laundry and dishes, seemingly overnight. We can blame this on any number of factors: the small size of many apartments, the hectic nature of life, or simply the law of entropy. Whatever the reason, it doesn't change the fact that many of our apartments are disaster zones. Keeping a clean apartment isn't impossible, but it does require a plan of action. read more

Resolve to Organize Your Apartment

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New Years Resolution: Organizing Your Life It’s almost that time of year again. All year long you’ve been saying “Oh, I’ll do that next year,” and the time is finally upon us. And no, you can’t renege on your new years resolution to organize your apartment. Bet you wish you had only promised to visit your mother more often. Organizing can be difficult in a small apartment; sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough room to store everything. But with a few helpful organizing tips, you can really maximize your space, and rid yourself of unnecessary clutter in the New Year – you’ll have to deal with that pesky neighbor on your own. read more