9 Tips for Child-Proofing Your Bathroom

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One of the most important rooms in your apartment that needs child proofing is the bathroom. Because it’s such a high-traffic room, there are a lot of potential hazards that you might not think about. Here are some tips to keep the bathroom safe for your small children.

1. Sharp Corners

There’s usually at least one sharp corner on the bathroom sink, and it’s the perfect height for a toddler’s head to bump into. You can either purchase a rubber bumper that glues onto corners (they’re available in the baby section in most grocery stores), or talk to your landlord about having the corner sanded down or adjusted.

2. Put the Shaving Razors Away

Don’t be lazy when it comes to your razors. Small children like to imitate their parents, and if you leave a leg razor in the tub or a shaving razor on the sink, they’ll want to try it out. Put them up out of reach.

3. Store Cleaning Supplies

Small children like to investigate things by putting them in their mouth. Put the toilet plunger, scrubber, and any cleaning supplies away, preferably up high in a closet they can’t get into. Anything hazardous that you’re tempted to store under the sink should also be put up out of reach.

4. Medicines and Prescription Drugs

Most people store their cold medicines and prescriptions in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Make sure these are on a shelf that’s out of reach, and always have the child-proof caps on them.

5. A Bath Safety Mat

Install a rubber no-slip bath mat in your tub. This is even a good idea for adults, because one of the most common household injuries every year is an accidental slip in the tub or shower.

6. A Bathroom Rug

These are soft and cushioned, and designed to absorb water when you get out of the shower. However, they also provide a soft landing pad on the bathroom floor if your little one slips and falls.

7. Shower Curtain Rod

Make sure your shower curtain rod is firmly attached to the bathroom walls. Install reinforced clamps to hold it in place if it comes loose easily. This will prevent it from coming down if your child tugs on the curtain.

8. Storage Racks

Plastic storage racks are a great space saver in the bathroom, but they’re also notorious for being unstable and spilling things if a child grabs and shakes them. This can send shampoo bottles or other heavy items tumbling off. Don’t overlook these. Either have your landlord replace it with a more sturdy one, or have him remove it entirely.

9. Electrical Outlet Covers

These are little plastic tabs that can be inserted into electrical outlets, which prevent children from inserting their fingers in them. Install these in any bathroom outlets that your child can reach. Also, never leave electrical appliances such as hair dryers plugged in in the bathroom.

Child proofing your bathroom is an inexpensive process. Most of the purchases you’ll need to make cost only a few dollars, and the products are available in many grocery or chain stores. Take the time to make your bathroom a safe place for your toddler.

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