How to Clean the Bathroom in 15 Short Minutes

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It can be said that a clean bathroom is the gateway to a clean home; mostly because the bathroom carries the most germs of any room in the entire house. When you think about what the bathroom is actually used for, you begin to understand why it is loaded with germs.

But that’s okay. Don’t sweat it! Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t have to take more than 15 minutes.

Start with the Shower: 5 Minutes

The best place to start when cleaning your bathroom is the shower. All the nasty grime that builds up on the tub and on shower walls can be difficult to clean. So, a generous amount of cleanser and steam will be necessary to remove it.

In order to maximize your time, you should try spraying the tub and shower walls down with your strongest cleaning agent. After you have done that, turn the shower head on full blast and turn the hot water on as high as it will go. Then, angle the shower head in the direction of the back of the tub. In the meantime, you will be able to move onto other cleaning.

Be sure to change the direction of the shower head every one to two minutes. Once you have hit every angle of the bathtub with the shower head, all you will have to do is simply rub down the walls and the tub. Presto, the shower is clean!

The Dreaded Toilet: 3 Minutes

While you have the shower running, pour in your heavy duty toilet cleaner around the rim of the toilet bowl and give it one good flush. The combination of the cleaner and the pressure of the water will help to free up some of the gunk that is stuck around the inner rim of the toilet bowl.

Then, take your handy scrub brush and go to town with it. After about 30 seconds to 1 minute, all of the debris from the toilet should have fallen into the toilet water and now you can flush it down.

After you have cleaned the inner part of the toilet, you can move onto the outer rim of the toilet bowl, the lid and the back. Simply spray on some Lysol and scrub it down with water. Lysol is effective at removing almost 99% of all germs and is the best cleanser you can use in the bathroom.

The Sink and the Countertop: 2 Minutes

In order to maximize your time here, you will need to use the shower trick on your sink, as well. Simply spray down your cleaner and let the water run for about 30 seconds. In the meantime, dust off all of the hidden particles from your countertop and toss them into the trash.

Once you have done that, you can return to the sink and turn the water off. Spray down your cleaning solution once again and rub free what the pressure of the water was not able to capture. Then, simply wring out the water from the rag you used to clean the sink, spray down some Lysol on the countertop, and wipe away the mess.

Sweeping and Mopping: 5 Minutes

The process of sweeping can be tedious as you are trying to make sure that you get everything off of the floor. If you want to make this a little easier on yourself, try investing in a lightweight Dirt Devil for tile and hardwood floors. They are relatively cheap and can be picked up for about $20. Simply run the Dirt Devil over your tile floor and you will be sure to get up more than you could by sweeping. It will also only take you half of the time.

The last thing you have to do is run the mop over your floor and you’re done. Wow! Who knew cleaning the bathroom didn’t have to take longer than 15 minutes?

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