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5 Ways to Rent an Apartment Without Verifiable Income

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Back in our grandparents’ days, workers were more likely to get hired on with a company and stay with a full-time job for years or even decades. read more

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The Consequences of Providing False Information on Your Rental Application

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All renters must fill out a rental application before qualifying for an apartment. In some cases, this may only be a formality, or a way for the landlord to get a sense of your background, character, employment record/income (i.e. ability to pay rent), and past rental history. However, most of the time, landlords do run […] read more

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10 Things to Expect When Applying for an Apartment

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You’ve finally found the perfect apartment. Great location, the ideal number of rooms, affordable rent, and you can already picture where everything is going to go. Now what? read more

A young man stresses as he tries to figure out how to build up his credit score before moving into an apartment.

Getting Started: Renting An Apartment With No Credit History

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Life is full of seemingly impossible demands. For instance, getting your first job without any experience — because no one will give you a job just to get experience, right? Renting an apartment with no credit history can be equally frustrating read more

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My Lease Application Was Denied: What Now?

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It could be that you’ve been renting for a few years now, or perhaps even a few decades. Whatever the case may be, it definitely isn’t your first rodeo. So when it comes to applying for a new apartment, you’re feeling pretty confident. read more

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Breaking Down the Rental Application Process

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Renting your first apartment is one of the biggest milestones of your adult life. Whether you’re coming straight from your parents’ house or transitioning from the dorms, this is certainly a big step towards becoming independent and learning how to make it on your own. But before any of that happens, you’ll have to fill […] read more

How a Previous Bankruptcy Affects Your Rental Application

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Bankruptcy should not necessarily prevent you from renting an apartment as there are several considerations a landlord must make with respect to denying or accepting your rental application. Reporting a Bankruptcy – The Effect It Has on Your Credit Score Because a bankruptcy must be reported to the major credit reporting bureaus, it will remain on […] read more

A Guide to Choosing a Reference for Your Rental Application

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Your rental application is your key to getting accepted at the apartment complex of your dreams. It needs to stand out above all the other applications in situations where there is one apartment at a great rate that many potential tenants are seeking. One important aspect of your rental application that can make it or […] read more

I Can’t Find a Lease Guarantor – What Now?

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Not being able to find a lease guarantor is a big problem for some tenants who want to stay in high-rent areas but don’t have the required income. Strict income requirements are a reality, particularly in the pricier areas of big cities. Unemployed or underemployed tenants often feel the squeeze of a rental agreement that […] read more