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Rental Application: How Many Years after an Eviction is a Landlord Still Allowed to Consider That Eviction?

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Having a prior eviction on your rental application does not necessarily mean you will be denied an apartment lease. How long and its impact on your rental application will differ depending on the landlord. Below is an explanation of the ways in which a prior eviction could affect your future ability to rent a residence. […] read more

The Pros and Cons of No Credit Check Apartments

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When it comes to getting into a desired rental housing unit, no credit check apartments arrangements can be an easy and convenient solution. However, these kinds of deals can also be hazardous to your financial health. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of renting an apartment where the landlord allows for waiving the […] read more

How a Foreclosure Affects Your Rental Application

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As the country deals with the economic blows of the housing crisis, many former homeowners are now facing a housing crisis of their own.  They need housing, but are often faced with a sad irony: due to their foreclosure, their credit has deteriorated, and due to their credit, they may have a more difficult time […] read more