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Kets, a pen, and a roll of bills sit neatly atop a sublease agreement.

7 Tips for Successful Apartment Subletting

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Subletting, also known as subleasing, is the process in which you find someone to move into your apartment for a preset period of time and live there in your place. This could be for many reasons read more

Handing Over the Keys

Things To Consider When Subletting Your Apartment

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People choose to sublet their apartments for a number of reasons. Perhaps they’re going away for a long holiday or returning home from school for the summer. Any time you’re going to be living elsewhere for an extended period of time is a good time to consider subletting your apartment. read more

Sublet an Apartment: 5 Benefits of Renting from a Renter

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Credit issues and financial hardships are popular reasons to sublet an apartment. There are other benefits as well, and you can end up saving money in the long run. A sublease apartment is a temporary situation, where you rent from a tenant who is primarily or solely responsible to the landlord. The terms of sublease […] read more