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Apartment Gardening for the Not-So-Green Thumb

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Apartment gardening can be a tricky proposition for a novice gardener. Here’s some tips to help green your not-so-green thumb! Survey the Apartment Take a look around the apartment before plant shopping. Take notes about the environment the plants will be growing in. How much light does it get? Is it morning light or afternoon […] read more

A Soil-Less Garden? Hydroponic Gardening Explained

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Hydroponic gardening is ideal for those wishing to grow plants or vegetables without access to adequate farm land, or in small spaces like apartments. In essence, hydroponic gardening allows you to grow plants without the use of soil, instead using a “nutrient solution”. In the absence of dirt, many of the problems faced by ordinary […] read more

6 Low-Maintenance Vegetables for Your Apartment Garden

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Nothing comes close to the taste of home grown vegetables, and luckily there are several choices that are well suited for your apartment garden. Try out these handy tips for delicious easy-to-grow vegetables, despite dealing with limited space. Vegetables for Your Balcony 1. Tomatoes – Tomatoes are perfect for balconies or other small spaces. One […] read more

Low-Maintenance Plants for a Small Apartment

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Want to add a hassle-free gardener’s touch to your small apartment? House plants lend an ornamental flare, improve air quality and bring an overall sense of well-being to your living space. Here are 4 varieties that are easy to grow and even easier to enjoy. Philodenrons for a Small Apartment The tried and true philodendron […] read more

Indoor Vegetable and Herb Gardening

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In case you didn't hear it, that no-good, good for nothing Punxsutawney Phil has called for six more weeks of winter! That's dour news to those of us wishing for Spring's blossoms to bloom, though as least March is here. But it's even tougher news for those fighting the urge to plant their vegetable and herb gardens. read more

How To Grow A Vegetable Garden In Your Apartment

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Of the many things apartment dwellers lust for, a backyard is at the top of the list. If you are lucky enough to live in an apartment with a yard or patio, you may be able to grow a garden in part of the space. Garden growing in the city is not as hard as it sounds. With some basic supplies and a little hard work, you can grow an assortment of vegetables in your own urban backyard. We know it’s winter, but it’s not too soon to plan for spring. Before making any purchases, you’ll need to consider some of the following things. read more

Must Have Garden Accessories

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Gardening is a great hobby for anyone, and living in an apartment doesn’t have to prevent you from enjoying the pleasure of plants. Check out these fun and functional tools and accessories for apartment gardening, and brighten up your place inside and out with the help of these items. read more

Perfect Plants for Indoor Gardening

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So you don’t have a green thumb or a spacious, well-lit outdoor garden? Never fear, hardy and shade-loving plants will do well even in most conditions involving a minimal amount of sunlight and water. Check out this handy list of cute, easy-to-care-for plants to brighten up your apartment space. read more

Top 5 Apartment Hunting Tips for Apartment Gardeners

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Love plants? Like plants? Feel indifferent? Whether you’re a true green thumb or someone who could kill a cactus, plants can bring you and your living space some much-needed life, color, and oxygen. The experienced gardener and the novice plant owner can both benefit from the following list of features to look for in a plant-friendly dwelling. read more