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3 Urban Garden Design Ideas for Your Small Plot

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Urban garden design ideas can help you take advantage of all the space available in your small plot to grow a wide variety of plants. You can make the maximum usage of the space at your disposal to grow fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs with the help of innovative ideas that are apt for urban […] read more

3 Patio Garden Ideas

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Patio garden ideas can transform your patio. These ideas will turn your patio into an enjoyable space where you can sit, relax or simply entertain a few friends. You can transform your patio into an idyllic retreat with the right plants and accessories. You should consider whether you want your patio to serve as an […] read more

3 Balcony Garden Ideas

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Balcony garden ideas can do wonders for the décor in your apartment. A balcony is an extension of your apartment and can become a favorite place for the family to relax if it’s decorated well. Balcony garden ideas can help transform your balcony from a store house to a paradise of greenery and beauty. You […] read more

3 Perfect Hanging Flower Plants

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Hanging flower plants can help beautify a small porch or balcony as such plants allow you to have sufficient floor space, even while you are surrounded by greenery. When choosing hanging flower plants, you must keep in mind that all plants do not look good as hanging plants. Choose plants that tend to droop towards […] read more

How to Make Your Own Balcony Planters

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Balcony planters can beautify your apartment while providing you with a screen for privacy.  With balcony planters, you can enjoy gardening even if you live in a high rise. By making your own planters, you can save a lot of money and grow your own supply of herbs, flowers and vegetables. Planters for Your Balcony Discarded […] read more

Decorating a Balcony for Spring: 5 Colorful Ideas

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When decorating a balcony in spring, you should consider using a lot of flowers. A balcony is an extension of the house, and you can express your taste when you decorate it. Here are five colorful spring ideas to try: 1. Green Plants Decorate your balcony with a lot of green plants to give it […] read more

How to Zen Out Your Apartment with Japanese Garden Supplies

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Japanese garden supplies can be used to create a Zen garden or a beautiful and peaceful area in any available space in your house. A Zen garden can be a square foot in size or as large as a pond. How to Make a Zen Garden There are several Japanese garden supplies such as granite […] read more

Organic Garden Supplies: 5 Alternatives to Pesticides

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Organic garden supplies include organic fertilizers, pesticides and gardening equipment. Studies have shown that organic gardening is healthier for both plants and people, and it’s possible to have a beautiful and productive garden without the use of harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Here are five organic alternatives to pesticides: 1. Garlic You can make a […] read more

5 Advantages of a String Garden for an Apartment Balcony

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A garden string is a vertical solution for apartment dwellers who enjoy gardening. Based on the Japanese bonsai practice of kokedama, string gardening, when included on the outside patios or balconies of apartments, can almost produce a mystical effect. A String Garden Fully Utilizes the Space on a Patio or Balcony A string garden does not need the various […] read more