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Gardening is a great hobby for anyone, and living in an apartment doesn’t have to prevent you from enjoying the pleasure of plants. Check out these fun and functional tools and accessories for apartment gardening, and brighten up your place inside and out with the help of these items.

Crazy containers

Container gardening is an easy way to get into gardening on a small scale without much pressure. You can choose to have as many or as few containers as you want, and you can purchase containers that match the size of the plants you like. Plenty of great containers are available through garden stores, but if you think differently you can find a lot of exciting container options and alternatives. Thrift stores are a great place to find unique and inexpensive pots, cups, or bowls that might be a good fit for your plants. Depending on whether you have a preference for plants or pottery, you can plan your garden around the plants you like or the pots you have.

In addition to raising potted plants in soil, you can consider attractive containers for cut flowers or plants as well. These containers may be more vertical and vase-like, which can help draw attention upward and make a small apartment seem larger.

Tall trellises

Trellises are a great tool for any garden, but especially those with limited horizontal space, such as might be the case in an apartment situation. Trellises are available in different sizes and heights, so pick whatever works for your indoor or outdoor décor. You can get a simple metal trellis designed to showcase beautiful flowers, like roses, or you can get a more detailed and attractive trellis and grow simpler vines or plants on it. If you are interested in growing vegetables, beans and tomatoes are popular and easy-to-grow plants. A “pillar trellis” is a great vertically-climbing but horizontally limited option for small spaces, indoors or out.

Lovely lanterns

Unique lighting can totally revolutionize a garden, especially at night. The light itself can highlight different plants, creating emphasis in your garden. Depending on the light fixture you’re using, the lantern itself can be an attractive focal point even during daylight hours. In addition to lanterns that can be placed down among your plants to create focus on individual plants; consider hanging lights that will illuminate your entire garden area. Beyond enhancing your garden, lights can also be beautiful in and of themselves, like these works of art that incorporate flower themes.

Fine fencing

Fencing may be difficult to incorporate into apartment gardens, but if you have a small garden space in your rental area, you may be able to—and need to—add some fencing. The fencing doesn’t need to be useful but ugly; it can be both functional and attractive. Whether you prefer the white picket fence or a sleeker, more modern metal fence, the boundary for your garden can also serve to enhance it. You don’t even have to fully fence your garden—a few corner fences can suffice to make it truly unique.

Smokin’ stoves

A stove can light up your garden and provide a great function as well—keeping you warm on chilly spring or fall nights. Since smoke can drive away insects, a wood burning stove can be a nice feature at any time. A gas stove provides warmth but no smoke; if smoke bothers you and you have alternate bug control methods, gas may be the way to go.

Terrific tools

Since apartment gardening is often done on a smaller scale, traditional gardening tools like full-size shovels or hoes are likely to be too unwieldy for your purposes. Look into getting smaller hand tools that you can use for your potted plants. A trowel is a must, since it can function as both a digging and a weeding tool on a smaller scale. The Snow Nealley Hand Dibble can penetrate even the hardest dirt with minimal user effort. In addition to aerating soil, the dibble can be useful when planting seedlings or small bulbs.

This great gathering of garden features is sure to be beneficial to any gardener, but especially those living in apartments or other rental units. Get out there today and grab some terrific new tools to make your garden grow—gorgeously!

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