5 Plants for Container Gardens

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Choosing the right plants for container gardens depends on why you want to grow them in the first place. You could grow vegetables using container gardens, or opt to go with household plants for interior design purposes. Here are 5 plants to consider:

1. Radishes Grow Fast

Radishes are great plants for container gardens because they grow fast. This can be encouraging if you’re new to gardening and want to see the fruits of your labors early on. It’s also a great pick for children to learn gardening. The plants are easy to care for, and the radishes can be used in spices or salads.

2. Carrots Are Easy to Grow and Care for

Unlike radishes, these take longer to grow, but carrots are still good plants for container gardens. You can’t grow many of them in one container because you have to give them enough room to grow under the dirt. However, you can plant radishes in the same container and harvest them before the carrots really begin to grow. Your salads and stews won’t taste the same again after you grow and harvest your own carrots. They’re also easy to grow and care for.

3. Rhubarb Requires Minimal Upkeep

Rhubarb is a vegetable that’s often used as a fruit in pies and desserts. You’re limited in your fruit options in container gardens, and therefore rhubarb can make a great substitute. Rhubarb will grow even if you ignore it. This makes it a great choice for busy apartment renters. Once you put your rhubarb plant in the container, you just need to water it and it will grow. Their huge leaves have an aesthetic appeal that will compliment your outdoor design. Their stalks (the edible part of the plant) can grow to a gorgeous deep red color. They also grow very early on in the planting season.

4. Aloe Vera Plants Can Be Used for Skin Care

If you prefer indoor gardening, but still want a household plant that will be useful, you should consider growing aloe vera plants. You can use the sap from the plant for medicinal purposes or for skin care. These need light, so place them somewhere in the apartment where they’ll get the most sunshine. Daily care just includes watering, and you can add your favorite compost or fertilizer to your container every three to four weeks. To collect the sap, just cut open one of the leaves and use the aloe vera on cuts, or collect a small jar full for homemade lotions.

5. African Violets Add Color

If you want a household plants strictly for looks, then African violets may be the plant for you. Like the aloe vera plant, these require a lot of sunshine. Put them near the window where you get the most sunlight in your apartment. They love the heat, but won’t do well if the temperatures exceed 75 degrees. When they bloom, their flowers will add a wonderful color to your living room.

These are just a few plants for container gardens that are useful and easy to care for. Once you’ve mastered growing one or more of these, you can try your hand at other plants that are more difficult to grow.

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