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How to Create a Zen Garden on Your Balcony

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The following article will give you some background information and building tips to show you how to create a Zen Garden. Firstly, if you’re a stickler for correctness, “Zen Gardens” are actually called Rock Gardens or karesansui in Japanese. For this article, however, we’ll call them by their given Western name, Zen Garden. Zen Gardens […] read more

The Benefits of a Zen Garden

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For those who enjoy a little eastern style in their home or property decor, a Zen garden can be a great addition to a yard space or other part of a property. The Zen garden is a traditional Oriental space filled with sand and a collection of rocks. It’s not like a conventional western garden […] read more

How to Build a Rock Garden in Four Steps

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Rock gardens, otherwise known as Zen Gardens or karesansui, are an ancient Japanese tool for relaxation and meditation. They are usually made from giant pits dug into the ground and filled with sand and several large rocks. The following article will give you a comprehensive guide on how to build a rock garden better suited […] read more

Bonsai Plants: Getting Started

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Indoor plants give an apartment a warm, cozy feeling; bonsai plants (banzai trees are small trees) take that warm feeling to a higher level. They are appealing and beautiful, they are a millennia-old art form, and with a few simple instructions they can be easily grown in your apartment. The Whole Form The bonsai tree […] read more

What is a Zen Garden?

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If you are looking for an attractive alternative to the traditional balcony garden, a zen garden may be a perfect choice. “What is a Zen Garden?” Zen gardens are Japanese rock gardens and/or dry sand-based landscape gardens that have come to be a beautiful and peaceful art form in many contemporary homes. Zen Garden Features […] read more


How a Zen Garden Can Save You Money

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A zen garden can not only help you relax, but it can also let you save money. In an apartment, you’re unlikely to have a lot of space for a flower garden or even just a number of potted plants. Zen gardens are incredibly easy to maintain and come in all shapes and sizes to […] read more