Low-Maintenance Plants for a Small Apartment

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Want to add a hassle-free gardener’s touch to your small apartment? House plants lend an ornamental flare, improve air quality and bring an overall sense of well-being to your living space. Here are 4 varieties that are easy to grow and even easier to enjoy.

Philodenrons for a Small Apartment

The tried and true philodendron has long been known for its durability and can be placed in nearly any kind of light. Philodendrons like moist soil but, if you skip a watering here and there, they easily forgive you. At most you may need to occasionally wipe down the leaves with insecticide soap to keep them dust and disease free.

Philodendrons can typically be purchased inexpensively or you may even be able to procure a start from a friend or relative. Simply snip off a 2 to 3 inch section of the vine and place it in a glass with an inch or two of water. Once roots begin to develop, plant the start in a pot filled with potting mix.

Philodendrons come in a variety of styles and the maintenance requirements can vary so you’ll want to make sure to choose a type that fits your needs. The heart-leaf philodenron is one popular choice. The tendrils can grown quite long so some strategic placement or trimming might be required.

African Violets for Windows

If you’re looking for something a little more colorful, the flowers of African Violets come in a range of hues, from white to dark violet. Plant them in a pot with loose soil and place in a sunny window. Light fertilizing and some pest control can be used although in most cases this isn’t needed.

For African violets you may want to invest in a small watering can with a long spout. This helps to keep the soil moist without splashing water on the leaves, and always use room temperature water to avoid spoilage. Precautions need to be taken in the winter as African violets thrive best at a temperature of 65° to 70° at night and 70° to 75° during the day.

Bamboo for Home Decor

Bamboo has rapidly grown in popularity as a house plant and is known to bring good fortune to your home. They thrive in most kinds of light and you can dress them up with decorative stones and pots.

There are several varieties of bamboo and maintenance can vary greatly between them. Water-based bamboo, such as the popular lucky bamboo, are the most simple to grow and care for. Place them in an inch or two of water and plan to replace the water about once per month.

Cactus for Low-Maintenance

The cactus is one of the most popular house plants for the truly challenged plant enthusiast. They like dry arid heat and typically require very little watering or fertilizing. In fact, cacti usually do best when you generally leave them alone. Place them in a window with plenty of sunshine and plan to water plants deeply about once per month. Some interesting and popular varieties of cactus to consider are Prickly Pear, Aloe Vera and Hedgehog.

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