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Man prepares to spark up a marijuana cigarette/joint in the comfort of his home.

Good Vibes In and Out: 5 Easy Tricks to Get Rid of Marijuana Smell

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With marijuana and CBD products becoming legal in many states now, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of cannabis at home. read more

Roommate Smoking in Your Apartment: How to Deal

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When your roommates are smoking in the apartment, you have to deal with secondhand smoke, foul odors and potential damages to your apartment. Come moving out time, you may have to pay for damages to fix wall or furnishing discoloration and accidental burns as well as a thorough cleaning to get rid of the smoke […] read more

Second Hand Smoke in Your Apartment

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Second-hand smoke (also called environmental tobacco smoke or ETS) is a health risk for everyone, and particularly for children (who become very susceptible to developing asthma or respiratory infections when exposed to smoke) and the elderly. It’s within your power to quit smoking if you’re a smoker, choose to live with only non-smokers, and ask your guests to smoke outside if they must. But what if your neighbors are smokers? Even if they smoke outside, the smoke might migrate into your living space through cracks around doors or windows or in ventilation system, posing a threat to your health. So what rights do you have when it comes to protecting yourself against second-hand smoke? Read on for more information about the dangers of second-hand smoke and the ways you can protect yourself. read more