Apartment Decorating: Scents that Set a Mood

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Have you considered apartment decorating with scents? Besides a good-looking apartment, a nice smelling one is important too. Scents play a large role in establishing the mood of your apartment and can also be used to help eliminate stress, freshen up and bring back a feeling of nostalgia. Whatever mood you’re trying to convey, there’s probably a scent for it. The best way to dress your home with scents is with candles, scented oils and diffusers. Here are a couple of ideas to get your apartment smelling how you like:

Essential Oils or Candles?

Choosing between an essential oil or a candle depends on your own personal preferences. However, knowing a bit about both will help you decide what’s best for you and your apartment. Essential oils are distilled from plants and are more concentrated than candles and therefore give off a stronger scent. Many essential oils are aromatic and help cure various ailments such as stress and headaches. Candles can be made from wax, soy or other paraffins and get their scents from oils or synthetic ingredients, making them less powerful than oils. However, both can help set the mood in your apartment.

Calm and Invigorate Your Apartment

Lavender provides soothing and calming effects. It goes great in the bedroom to help wind down after a stressful day and will also help you fall asleep. You may even want to try spraying lavender mist on your sheets.

Peppermint will help to refresh your senses. The leaves of the peppermint plant are made of menthol and is responsible for giving off an invigorating smell and a cooling sensation. It also acts as an antiseptic to fight off germs and treat wounds. One way to use peppermint oil is to burn it in a diffuser and let the aroma travel throughout the room. The benefits are two-fold; you freshen up your room and if you rub the oil on your temples, you can energize yourself in minutes. Most health food stores carry peppermint oil because of its healing properties.

Get Nostalgic with Scents

There are certain scents that bring back memories of good times and important events. Several brands have been able to capture the essence of notable moments like birthdays holidays and even seasons. Yankee Candle Company has over 60 varieties of candles in different sizes and forms. Try their Buttercream candle to remind you of a freshly baked birthday cake. There’s even a Spiced Pumpkin scent to bring you back to Fall or their Beach Vacation candle that will remind you of summer.

Scents are important part of decorating apartment. Whether you’re trying to wind down or reminisce over good times, using a candle to set the mood of your home is an easy thing to do. Try not to mix and match scents in a room, and review the candle’s safety tips. With just a few simple suggestions, you’ll have a good smelling apartment in no time.


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