Small Space Decorating: Modernist Design Ideas

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Small space decorating is greatly enhanced by modernist design ideas. This type of decorating scheme lends to an environment that is contemporary yet relaxing. So, how do you effect this look? The following information can guide you so you can enjoy this decor for your own small living space.

Avoid Patterns

To create a modernist design, it’s best to stay away from patterns on your walls, pillows, cushions or drapes. Maintain a neutral decor using furniture with clean lines that can open up a space, such as tables made of glass and couches or chairs with lower backs enhanced with neutral colored fabrics or brown or black leather. Furniture should be constructed with natural woods or chrome, stainless steel or glass for this type of decor.

Simple Colorization

For any type of contemporary design, white is the preferred choice to use on ceilings and walls. This keeps the overall look smooth and opens up a small space. If you want to choose a more subdued look, then opt for natural colors and neutral hues, such as taupe, pine green or beige. Therefore, use any of the aforementioned colors as your base colors with one or two accent colors to add interest. However, don’t add more than two accent colors to the mix or you’ll lose the simplicity yet fashionable look you’re trying to achieve. Accent colors can be any type of bright color or primary color, such as red, yellow or bright blue or if you’d like a more earth tone accent charcoal brown is a good selection.

Lighting Fixtures with Directional Spotlights

The type of lighting fixtures you select play a key role in a modernist design theme. In living areas, directional lights such as track lights can highlight items such as paintings. Recessed lighting also works well in this type of interior design scheme in all areas of your apartment. Adding a dimmer switch can also enhance the atmosphere and give it a relaxing feel. Use fixtures made of chrome for embellishment.

Furniture and Accessories

As stated, furniture made of natural woods and leathers work well in modernist interior designs. Also, lamps and tables made of chrome or stainless steel can be used as well. Treatments for windows should be plain and simple. Therefore, choose fabrics made of white muslin or linen in straight panels. Because accessories are not used to a great degree in contemporary decors, it’s important to use discernment when accessorizing your apartment home. Add a painting, for example, with a bold flower such as an orchid or a glass vase with vintage roses. Make sure the accessories you do choose then add a bit of depth or drama to the overall look.

Flooring with a Simple, Clean Look

A modernist design is synonymous with minimalism. Therefore, the flooring, just as the furniture, should exhibit clean and smooth lines. Accordingly, it’s best to use, say, hardwood flooring or laminate flooring, such as Pergo, with a contemporary rug. Contemporary rugs are nice accent pieces in a modernist decor. Choose from animal prints such as a zebra print rug or opt for a geometric carpet in gold and beige. A plain black shag can also be used in this design theme.

Keep everything simple and clutter-free and you can achieve a modernist style for your living space.

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