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Every good pantry is stocked with at least a little rice.

Pantry Staples for Easy Weeknight Meals

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We’ve all been there after a long, hard day at work: the sudden realization that there’s nothing planned for dinner. read more

A young man eating dinner alone in his apartment.

The Joy of Making Meals for One

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Depictions of people eating alone are often sad and misleading. They’re either wolfing down fast food pulled straight from a paper bag, digging into pints of ice cream with a soup spoon, or standing over the kitchen sink slurping beans from a can. Believe it or not, the joy of preparing meals for yourself is […] read more

Save Time and Money with a Slow Cooker

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Cooking with a slow cooker or a crock pot can help you save time and money and they are quite easy to use. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your slow-cooking appliance. Hassle-free dinners Slow cookers do just that. Merely add ingredients, such as meat, vegetables and seasonings, and then […] read more