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Month to Month

Pros and Cons of Going Month-to-Month

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Living in an apartment on a month-to-month basis can seem very alluring — especially for travelers who don’t want to be tied down to a specific location, young workers who are unsure of where their futures will take them, and people who are new to a city. And while there are many benefits that come […] read more

Negotiating a Lease Renewal

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At your lease renewal time, you should try to negotiate with your landlord for lower rent, new appliances or other benefits. Merely singing your lease without negotiating may result in your not receiving the best lease terms possible. Make it Clear You Want to Negotiate When you sit down to speak with your landlord, make […] read more

How to Dispute Rent Increases

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Rent increases are unfortunate, but predictable. A landlord raising rents at the end of a lease is not an uncommon occurrence. However, many landlords try to raise rents in the middle of a lease. Citing increased costs or higher demand, your landlord might try to raise your rent by several hundred dollars. Should you face […] read more

Is There any Way to Stop an Eviction?

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There are some steps you can take to stop eviction, depending on the reason for the removal and the laws in your particular jurisdiction. Eviction laws differ from state to state, so much depends on what laws apply to where you currently live. Grounds for Eviction To determine whether or not you can stop an eviction, […] read more