Creating the Perfect Master Bedroom

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A well-decorated, modern master bedroom.

A master bedroom shouldn’t be just the largest bedroom in the apartment — it should be a veritable Shangri-la focused on you and your partner’s most intimate wants and needs. A special place you daydream about when you’re stuck in traffic, arguing with your mother-in-law, or having a root canal. Practicality may come first when it comes to planning and decorating your kitchen, but they’re far less important than creating an atmosphere that comforts, delights, satisfies, and soothes you in what is arguably the most personal room in your home.


There’s no reason for deadbolts on the door, but make it clear to your roommates that the master bedroom is special: a place designed for its inhabitant that others can enter only by invitation. The rest of the house is shared by everyone, so don’t feel guilty about designating a room for just you and your better half. Since couples also need time apart, you might even want to create a nook in the master bedroom with an overstuffed sofa where one of you can cuddle up with a book and drift off when true solitude beckons. Nothing builds sturdy bonds like a little time apart, after all.


A skylight is ideal in a master bedroom, but a large picture window (or several small ones) can easily be manipulated with shades and curtains to alter the ambiance. When you want to retreat into your own little world, close all the drapes and shades and create a dreamy mood with recessed lighting around the perimeter. Don’t neglect bathroom illumination, either. Those super bright makeup lamps are great for date night primping, but you’ll also want to install some low-wattage lights in there for calming bath and shower scenarios.

Good lighting inside a walk-in closet makes creating chic ensembles quick and easy, and if you’re really looking to add some grandeur to the room (provided your ceilings are high enough), you can even see about getting a chandelier put in.

Sights And Sounds

Rural homes usually don’t have sound issues — so much so that the silence can be disquieting at times. If you’re living in the city, however, you’ll want to invest in noise-canceling windows for the master bedroom. In fact, if your building is frequently loud and boisterous, soundproofing all the walls might even be worth it. If one of the bedroom windows has a particularly fetching view, face the bed in front of it, making sure you have blackout panels on hand to block out the light when you want to truly get away from it all. To top it all off, invest in a high-quality sound system to remotely set the mood with the touch of a button.

Personalized Amenities

Things like alarm clocks, framed photos and artwork, and small houseplants are all great for adding personality to a master bedroom.

At the end of the day, it’s the little bells and whistles that truly make your master bedroom unique. Think of all the things you and your partner crave, and the things that always make you smile. Whether it’s a mini-fridge filled with beer and pints of premium ice cream, a stack of photo albums capturing days gone by, a case of red wine, a tin of shortbread cookies, shea butter massage oil, a tall vase of peacock feathers, or a simple backgammon board, just remember to surround yourselves with items that fill your life with joy.

Every year or so, take the time to perform a master bedroom upgrade. Tastes transform, people change, and it’s incredibly easy to swap out a few pieces to keep the room feeling fresh and exciting.

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