Space Saving Solutions: Multipurpose Furniture Options to Consider

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In apartment living, every bit of space needs to be taken advantage of. One way to accomplish this is by using furniture that serves more than one purpose in the room. This type of multi purpose furniture is becoming  more common and saves space in smaller apartments.

Ottomans that also Function as Storage

Ottomans are really a multipurpose type of furniture anyways because of the fact that they serve as a place to put your feet up but can also serve as an extra seat when guests are over. Many ottomans today serve an additional purpose as storage. The lid can be removed and there is a hollow interior to store games, toys, blankets or anything else you want tucked away somewhere easily accessible. Buying several ottomans and clumping them together into a rectangular or square shape can also serve the purpose of a coffee table. Add a tray to the top and drinks and snacks can be set on top, within easy reach.

Convertible Coffee Tables

Coffee tables that are convertible are not as common in furniture stores yet but there are a few companies that make them. Convertible coffee tables are great for a single persons apartment that does not need an entire dining room table to eat at. Hydraulics are located on the legs of the coffee table that allows the coffee table to raise up and then expand to turn from a coffee table to a dining room table for when guests are over for dinner. It is a great way to save space if a dining room table is not something used on a regular basis in your home.

Sofa-Sleepers as a Guest Bed

In small apartments, you don’t usually have the luxury of having a bedroom dedicated to the use as a guest room. Instead choose a sofa that is either a sofa sleeper bed or pick a futon that can fold out. This allows you to still accommodate guests spending the night without needed to dedicate an additional room for a guest bed.

End Tables with Bookcases

If living in a small space, remember to think of storage anytime you purchase any piece of furniture. Almost anything can be added storage if you think ahead. End tables for the living room are a great example of this. If plain end tables are bought, it is a waste of space and storage underneath. Instead look for end tables with storage or shelves underneath to be used as small bookcases or for storing other items. Coffee tables are the same way, many come with either storage that opens up to store things inside or shelves under them for storage.

Unique Items that Convert

There are many very unique furniture items available online that you would not even think to look for when shopping for furniture. Chairs are designed that convert to coffee tables and even an ironing board that flips over to a standing mirror. Shop online and in stores that specialize in multipurpose furniture to see great, original ideas such as these that will get you thinking of all the unique ways you can save space around your apartment.

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