Cool Room Ideas for Boys

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Coming up with cool room ideas for boys doesn’t have to be costly. If you’re willing to be creative and have time, you and your boys can create a great bedroom to enjoy. Here are just a few ideas:

Add Recreational Table Games

You don’t have to fill your child’s room with video games to make it a cool bedroom. Think simple and find a table game that he’ll enjoy and one that can fit in his room. Some fun recreation tables to get are a hockey table, a foosball table or a ping-pong table. These will also be great to have for family time and to play with siblings or guests.

Add Shelving

Let your child take pride in his work and successes by adding shelving. He can display his trophies, car models or lego items he has created, photos, hobby or interest items, or prizes.

A Small Love Chair or Couch

Keeping a small love chair or couch in your boy’s room is more than just a bedroom decorating idea. It can help him get comfortable in his room and may motivate him to read more. It can be awkward trying to read for long stretches of time on a bed or in a computer chair. However, a comfortable chair makes reading and enjoying a book much easier. It also gives your teen (and room) a look of maturity. Beanbag type seats or even dorm room couches are other options.

Colorful Tubs for Storage

Many children don’t have the luxury of a large room and have to do the best they can to store their clothes, underwear, books and other items they own. White or grey tubs might be on sale at your local dollar store, but it’s not the best look for a cool bedroom. You can give your teen a simple room makeover by switching over to colorful tubs. Have them pick bold and fun colors that match their room decor, or colored tubs that just look good to them. They can store all of their things in the tubs in addition to in the closets, and tuck them under their beds, or otherwise keep them out the way.

Bunkbed with Lower Bed for Fort

Your child may not have outgrown a bunkbed just yet. If he’s the only one using the room, then consider having him convert the lower bed into a fort. Have him decide what materials he needs to create the look and feel of a fort. He can cover the outside with a bedsheet that matches the theme of the room, or cheap burlap. You can even create a forest theme for the entire room to match the fort. The key is to let him decorate the room and encourage him to build or make as much as he can from scratch using his imagination.

Loft Bed

If you’re tight for space, you could go with a loft bed instead of a bunkbed. These beds are raised with an area underneath to put your desk or to use as storage. Having a loft bed might be cool to your growing teen, because they tend to be associated with college students or young adults living in studio apartments. With an added couch or love chair, it may very well look like a small studio apartment.

Involve your child when you decide on any of these room ideas. They need to be the primary decorator, and if they’re working, they should share the costs. This will allow them to take ownership of and pride in their personal living space.

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