How to Choose Children’s Bedroom Furniture

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Choosing bedroom furniture for children can be exciting, but stressful at the same time.  There are so many different kinds of furniture, styles and decorating options, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Here’s a few ground rules for choosing furniture you will be happy with–that will last for years to come. 

Choose a Matching Furniture Set

While many decorating magazines effectively put together vastly different furniture for appealing looks, it is an ultimately better choice for most of us to pick just a few pieces that are from the same set. While having one piece, at most, that is different can be an asset (for instance, a striking white-washed french dresser for a girl’s room), the point of the room is to be a fun and functional, as well as beautiful, place for your child. The main pieces you will want to match are bed, nightstand, bookshelf and dresser.

Choose Furniture that will Last

It may be tempting to give in to the bright pink plastic furniture IKEA offers wide-eyed children, but realistically this furniture will not last more than a couple years. To purchase furniture that will grow and adapt with your child, choose furniture that you can visualize in the room of a toddler to a teen, or even being a guest room down the road. If you only have to buy furniture once, you will save time and money for years to come.

Look for basic, simple designs that appear sturdy. Ornate or highly detailed beds are more likely to go out of style. Simply square, real wood beds are a great option because even as they are used or abused, they dimply get more character from a naturally distressed finish. 

Test it Out

In the store, don’t be afraid to have the store personnel take the mattress of the display bed so you can have a good look at it. You want to see large bolts holding it together. If shaken, it should resist movement. Also, take note of how easy it will be to take apart and reassemble.

Sit on the bed. Bounce around. Make sure that the furniture feels strong enough to last through years of use. Open the dresser drawers multiple times to see if they shake or drag. 

Pull it All Together

When the furniture is assembled and set up in the room, it is time to assemble the decorations to go with it. A lamp on the nightstand, fresh sheets and a new comforter on the bed, and a plant (real or artificial) on top of the dresser will help to get the room pulled together. 

Choosing bedroom furniture can be a long process, but having a clear vision of what kind of furniture to buy will save you lots of time. Go with quality, go with timeless styles, and go with real wood, and you will have a bedroom set the kids will enjoy for years to come.

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    Great tips for choose best Children Bedroom Furniture Set.For children just learning to sleep alone, a personalized bedroom can make them feel safe and secure.


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