Grade-school Kids’ Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Your little girl or little boy is not a baby anymore, so it is time to get rid of the nursery room furniture and decor. Here are some great kid’s bedroom decorating ideas to transform that baby room into a kid’s bedroom for your grade-school level child.

Know What’s Popular

When decorating kid’s bedrooms, it is important to know what they are interested in and what is in style. Make sure you talk to your children about what they envision their room to look like. You want the bedroom to be a reflection of them, with the functionality that they need.

Choose Your Colors

If your daughter is really outgoing and into fashion, some girl’s bedroom ideas include bright colors. Paint an accent wall in the bedroom hot pink or bold orange. Then coordinate the bedding to match the accent paint color. If your son is really into football, choose colors such as brown or green for the paint, and tie them in with the bedding. Stay away from football borders, and other decorations that belong in a toddler room. We will get to pulling in the football theme next.

Pick Some Posters

Take your child shopping with you for posters. The posters should reflect their interests and style, but should also coordinate with the colors you chose for the paint and bedding. Using the boy’s football interest, choose some cool football posters. Frame the posters and hang them around the room. The brown and green of the walls and bedding will tie in to coordinate with the posters. Try to keep the posters to a maximum of three, or there will be too much on the walls.

Get Rid of the Toddler Bed

Now it is time for children’s bedroom furniture – no more baby stuff! A twin size bed is perfect for a grade-school kid. Captain’s beds are great because they provide extra storage. Bunk beds are also a fun option if you have two children, or if your child likes to have sleepovers with friends. Make sure the top bunk has the proper safety features to ensure your child won’t fall off.

At this age, a desk is also important. Some beds have a desk attached, but if not, check out desks with enough room for a computer, and shelving for notebooks and other school supplies.

Bean bag chairs are another furniture must have for a kid’s bedroom. These have been around for ages, and they provide comfortable, durable and portable extra seating, or a comfy place to read a book.

Hang It Up

Put up some simple shelves on the walls. Kids love photos just as much as adults, and they will be able to display fun photos with friends, memorbilia from a trip or trophies from an event.

Accent the Space

Let your son or daughter personalize the space some more with the addition of an accent rug. The rug should tie into the general theme and colors of the room, but will help to make the space his or her own. Rugs are also a great attention grabber to draw the eyes away from, perhaps, a worn carpet.

These kid’s bedroom decorating ideas tie together the functionality required in the room with your child’s personal style.


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