How to Get Recycling Bins in Your Apartment Complex

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Grimacing as you throw away recyclables may leave you wondering how to get recycling bins in your apartment complex. If your apartment doesn’t currently offer recycling, take initiative and get bins added to your apartment complex.

Step 1: Speak with Your Landlord

Your landlord probably knows how to get recycling bins in your apartment complex but needs to know that apartment residents are interested in having the service provided. A discussion with your landlord may help you learn exactly what is needed to get recycling bins. If your landlord doesn’t provide any options, proceed with the other steps.

Step 2: Petition Your Neighbors

Explaining how to get recycling bins in your complex to your neighbors may be an important part of the process. If you can get your neighbors to sign a petition stating they’d like to have recycling in the complex, your landlord is more likely to pay attention. Ask your neighbors how much more per month they would be willing to pay to have the service. The additional cost may be all that’s holding your landlord back from offering the service at the present time.

Step 3: Research Local Recycling Costs

If your landlord hasn’t already done the research, you can call local recycling providers and ask for an estimate for their services. Provide them with the number of units in your complex and the number of residents if you’re able to obtain these numbers.

Step 4: Present Your Research and Petition

Attend your apartment complex’s housing board meetings or ask for an appointment with your landlord. Present the results of your research and the signatures you’ve gathered on the petition. Providing affordable service options, along with evidence of widespread interest, may help you figure out how to get recycling bins in the complex.

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  1. April 12, 2011 at 4:58 pm, Anonymous said:

    Great suggestion! As a City Recycling Coordinator, my goal is to get recycling at every complex. It makes my job easier when residents specifically ask their property managers for it.


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