Choosing Pots and Pans for Your First Apartment: 3 Essentials

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When outfitting your first apartment, you should spend some time carefully choosing pots and pans. You want to put together a basic set of cookware that can help you prepare a variety of meals. Here are three essentials:

1. Frying Pans

When choosing pots and pans for your apartment, you should start with a set of frying pans. Although you can try to get by with just one frying pan, you’re likely to use frying pans frequently and may require a variety of sizes. Look for no-stick frying pans in both large and small sizes. Pay attention to the handles. Small rounded handles on both sides of the pan may be more convenient than one long handle, especially if you have limited stovetop space. Make sure your pans come with lids as well, as some cooking requires a lid.

2. Saucepan

Another must-have is the basic stovetop saucepan pot. A saucepan spot is ideal for limited stovetop space because it’s medium size, meaning that you can cook a fair amount in it without taking up a lot of room. Smaller pots can also come in handy for single-person meals.

3. Stock Pot

If you frequently cook for more than one or two other people, you may want to look for a larger pot. The stock pot is a perfect addition to your cookware collection. While it’s large, it’s versatile and is perfect for making soups, stews and chili. You probably won’t need more than one of these pots, so you don’t have to worry about taking up too much space in your storage area.

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