5 Tips for Apartment Pool Birthday Parties

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When holding apartment pool birthday parties, there’s more to the planning than simply asking everyone to show up. If you want the birthday party to be a memorable, safe and fun event, follow these tips:

1. Speak with Your Landlord

There may be complex community rules about inviting more than a few non-resident guests to the apartment pool and/or you may be able to reserve the area for your pool birthday parties, which would help you monitor who you’re responsible for. Holding a impromptu party without notifying your landlord can cause complaints from your neighbors and may result in provoked privileges for the pool.

2. Get RSVPs

It’s important that you know exactly how many guests will be attending your apartment pool birthday parties so that you can plan accordingly. (Your landlord may need to know how many people are coming and the number of guests you’ll have can be a factor in deciding how many lifeguards to have.) Ask that everyone who’s attending give you a certain confirmation.

3. Think of Safety

If your apartment complex provides a lifeguard, make sure that the lifeguard on duty is aware of any upcoming pool birthday parties you’re planning. If the complex doesn’t provide a lifeguard, consider hiring one if you’ve got a large party planned, especially if there are going to be a lot of children there.

Remind everyone not to run near the pool or play any games on the concrete, as they could knock each other into the pool or injure themselves when they fall on the pavement. Ask everyone to apply sunscreen so that they don’t get burned. Young children and anyone who can’t swim should also be wearing a life vest and floaters and/or use an inner tube.

4. Organize Some Games

The best apartment pool birthday parties offer more activity than simply swimming. Organize games that anyone who wants to be in the pool should play. These can be as simple as hot potato with an inflatable ball or a game of pool volleyball. They can also play Marco Polo, ring toss or dive for underwater toys. Just be sure that everyone in the pool is participating in the game so that you can keep an eye on everyone and no one is caught unawares by a stray ball. Also, be sure that no one plays with the sports equipment outside of the pool so that no one gets injured playing on the concrete.

5. Provide Refreshments

You’ll want to make sure that no one overheats in the sun and warm weather, so providing refreshments is a must. At the same time, you don’t want your guests to overeat and get cramped or ill in the pool. Providing cold beverages as well as ice pops is an easy, lightweight refreshment option for your birthday party. When it’s time to have cake, make sure that everyone has finished swimming for the day or at the very least, order a thirty-minute break while everyone has cake and cools off from all of the activity.

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