Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Warm in the Winter

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As the days get shorter and fall starts to fade, our apartments are getting colder. Whether you live in a heat controlled apartment building or a two family home, you may find your place of residence to be drafty, making it hard to keep cold air out. Here are a few ways to keep your apartment cozy this winter.

Curtains and blinds can sometimes be the last thing we think to add to our apartment décor, but, other than being a nice way to finish decorating a room, thermal-lined curtains are great for keeping the warmth inside. Curtain rods come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on what you need, and you can get crafty with the style and color of your curtains as well. Having trouble finding curtains that are the proper length? Consider using safety pins or stick pins to hem the bottom in place so that the curtain will fit in your windowsill.

Draft dodgers are plastic or cloth strips that can be placed underneath your drafty doors or around door frames and windows to seal out the cold. These are cheap to buy and easy to install. If you aren’t able to purchase these, old towels bunched underneath door frames or in window frames can be an option as well. Another option is window insulation, which typically comes in the form of clear plastic and can be adhered to any window, typically with the use of a blow dryer – make sure you have a second person to help you place the plastic on the window as the process is much easier with two. While you are at it, don’t forget to take out those summer air conditioning units, if you can. Window units that are still in place can let in a lot of cold air. If you are unable to remove your window unit, consider covering it with a cloth sleeve.

While space heaters can sometimes be costly, these are also an option for heating your home, especially if you are sleeping at night in a particularly drafty room. Just turning the heater on for a half hour before bed can go a long way in heating up your room. Electric blankets and heating pads are another great option as well. When transitioning from summer to winter, don’t forget about also changing out your linens with fleece blankets, down comforters and flannel sheets for your bed – don’t underestimate how much warmer your bed will feel with heavy sheets and blankets on it!

Cold hardwood and linoleum floors tend to be one of the worst things to experience on a frigid winter morning, so consider some area rugs for those places where you often put your feet down, or placing a pair of warm slippers next to your bed. Stepping into the shower on a brisk morning is no picnic, either – if you can spare it, try turning the hot water on in your shower about 3-5 minutes before you get in. It will quickly heat up your bathroom and make your morning ritual that much more pleasant.

Though some of us may not always find time to cook at the end of the day, using your oven to make dinner can heat up your whole house and may reduce the need to raise the heat too much. If you aren’t in the mood to cook, try boiling a large pot of water – another (easier) way to quickly heat up a room.

Your apartment may be cold, but you don’t have to freeze! Use the tips above and stay warm this winter.


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