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Young Couple Relaxing In Small Apartment Kitchen Together

14 Ways to Add a Little Style to Your Rental Kitchen

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Your rental apartment may be in just the right location, and it may be comfortably priced for your budget. But, you didn’t get to choose your kitchen. read more

How to Give Your Kitchen a Deep Clean

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Giving your kitchen a deep clean once or twice a year can make your apartment a healthier, more attractive environment in which to live. Set aside a few hours or even the majority of a day to clean your kitchen properly. Materials Needed Several soft rags Broom and hand-broom with dust pan or vacuum Soft-bristled […] read more

Ugly Kitchen Cabinets? Four Stylish Solutions

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Kitchen cabinets can make or break the look of your kitchen. If you are stuck with ugly, old kitchen cabinets that are an eye sore then something needs to be done. Purchasing new kitchen cabinets, however, is a huge expense but there are several other ways you can redo the cabinets for much cheaper to […] read more

5 Knife Sharpening Safety Tips

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Knife sharpening is essential for pro and amateur cooks alike. Keeping your kitchen knives sharp will allow you to cut through food more easily, which also decreases your chance of cutting your fingers on a knife that catches or slips off of food (instead of slicing through evenly). However, sharpening can be dangerous, so be […] read more

5 Tips for Packing Kitchen Appliances and Cooking Utentils

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Kitchen appliances are fragile items to pack and move. If not done properly, they can get damaged and you’ll have to spend money to replace them. You can avoid this hassle by packing them the right way so that both your kitchen appliances and cooking utensils arrive intact at your final destination. Use these 5 tips […] read more

5 Kitchen Decorating Tips for Renters

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Renters can be limited when it comes to kitchen decorating. If you go overboard you could risk losing your security deposit, and may even end up owing money. There are still some ways you can bring your kitchen to life without upsetting your landlord. Try these 6 decorating tips: 1. Store Appliances Don’t crowd your […] read more

5 Interior Design Ideas for the Modern Kitchen

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While the kitchen’s main purpose is for feeding, don’t neglect to employ some creative interior design ideas to give the room a modern look. You can choose to integrate the room into your home’s broader design scheme or opt to use it as a playground for different colors, materials and themes. See below for some […] read more

5 Principles of Contemporary Kitchen Design

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Modern kitchen design should position the room as a gathering space, artfully integrated in the rest of the home’s decor. With space in most apartments limited, kitchens are no longer shoved in a corner only meant for those preparing the food and cleaning. Kitchens in many apartments are prominently visible upon walking through the front […] read more

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Kitchen

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Cockroaches are an important part of many ecosystems; they recycle plant and animal wastes. Indoors they are a pest and a health hazard, but there are many options to keep them out of your kitchen where they belong. Keep Food Away from the Cockroaches Keep food either in the refrigerator or in sealed containers. Food […] read more