5 Essential Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

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Kitchen cleaning supplies are crucial in keeping the heart of your home clean and beautiful. Your kitchen is the only room of your house that requires maximum cleaning and maintenance, as this is the room where food is prepared and cooked. Here are five essential cleaning supplies for your kitchen:

1. All Purpose Cleaner

This product can help you clean grease and grime from different surfaces such as working areas, countertops, cooking ranges and floors. Buy one that works as a disinfectant as well to get maximum value for your money.

2. Dish Washing Detergent and Sponge

A good quality dish washing detergent is a kitchen fundamental. Beyond cleaning your pots and pans, the detergent can also be diluted and used to clean floors. There are several types of sponges available, the best being biodegradable ones which are environmentally friendly. Softer sponges are necessary to clean windowpanes whereas scrubby sponges are effective in removing grime and grease from dishes, cooking ranges, ovens and countertops.

3. Microfiber Cloth

Such cloths can be used wet and dry and are effective in picking up dirt and grease from any surface. Many available washing machine safe, making them reusable and cost effective.

4. Broom and Dustpan

Sweep up food crumbs and other debris from the kitchen floor with your broom and a dustpan to maintain cleanliness and prevent surface scratching. Sets that can be hung behind a door help save space.

5. Mop and Bucket

A mop and bucket set is essential for cleaning grime off the kitchen floor. A 10 gallon bucket is a good buy and a sponge mop is easy to use.

Proper kitchen cleaning supplies can help you keep your kitchen clean and beautiful quickly and easily.

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