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Young man cleans out his AC filter to eliminate unwanted indoor air pollutants.

8 Surprising Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

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We’re so busy trying to protect ourselves from outdoor air pollution and all its harmful effects, it’s easy to forget that the air inside our homes can be just as harmful. read more

Air Pollution

How to Improve the Air Quality In Your Apartment

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If you live in an inner city, it can be hard to believe the phrase “let’s go outside and get some fresh air.” But despite all the car exhaust, industrial fumes, and smog found in the urban outdoors, the air inside the average American home is still two to five times more polluted. This is […] read more

Big City Living: The Health Effects of Air Pollution

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Living and working in a big city can raise some concern regarding the health effects of air pollution. Although government safety regulations have been implemented into vehicles and industries to ease once rampant air polluting practices, there are still risks involved. Particulates These are the fine particles primarily released from vehicles. Because there are so […] read more