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Summer Design Trends

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Summer seems to be a season for happiness…warm days, long nights. Don’t leave that fresh feeling outside, refresh your home in the coming months to prepare it and you for the season of fun! These tips can be applied to one, or practically any room in your apartment. If you tend to shy away from […] read more

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An Interior Design Primer

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You don’t need to be a professional to set up your apartment in a pleasing and comfortable way. But there is a bit more to design than just unpacking your boxes and getting a couch. Follow these basic interior design tips to create a space that says you. Work with it, not against it Your […] read more


How to Design a Square Foot Gardening Layout

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A square foot gardening layout is essential to the success of your harvest, because the idea is to grow more plants in less space. Planning and designing a garden requires a lot of time and thought. The layout for a square foot garden should consist of squares that have an area of one square foot. […] read more