2018 Design Trends

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Bold Colors

There are certain elements in a home that should always remain classic, such as white bathroom fixtures (what exactly were we thinking with those multicolored toilets in the 1950s?). Of course, it’s also fun to keep up with modern-day design trends so that your home always feels fresh and exciting. As home decorating becomes more and more personalized, it’s becoming increasingly easier to curate your own style and find a unique look for your space that’s all the rage among your friends and family.

Be on the lookout for these seven 2018 design trends, and try implementing a few of them in your own home to ring in the new year.

Brass Fixtures

It’s official: brass is back, and it’s here with a vengeance. Although your instinct when you saw brass a few years ago was to want to rip it out of the bathroom and kitchen, you might just be changing your tune in 2018. Brass fixtures and accessories like mirrors, baskets, and frames will take any room to the next level and can break up any otherwise boring spaces in your home. If you’re a renter, you definitely want to stick to decor pieces that can easily be changed (or taken with you) when your lease is up. That goes for things like furniture, accessories, and even things that are really easily replaceable, like drawer pulls.


When you think of a wall tapestry, your mind might immediately go to your grandma’s house or pictures of your mom’s groovy apartment back in the 1970s. But tapestries are a really hot design trend right now, and they’ll continue to be huge in 2018. Tapestries and macrame wall hangings are a great way to introduce color and style into a home without having to drastically change the paint or redecorate. They can also add a little bit of texture to an otherwise flat or boring wall.

Bold Walls or Furniture

Neutral, safe paint shades like taupe, greige, and beige have been en vogue for the past several years thanks to the wildly popular “farmhouse style,” but you can expect that to change in 2018. Bolder colors, including black, are going to be huge in the coming year, and they’ll make quite the impact on the look of your home. A word of caution, however, if you decide to dive head-first into this trend: use bold colors on the walls sparingly, and try to save them for small rooms like the bathroom or dining room so that your whole house doesn’t look too bold or too dark.



Houseplants have certainly always had a place in home decor, but the past few years have seen a large resurgence in the interest of growing plants like succulents, herbs, and ivy plants indoors. It’s clear that this trend isn’t going away in 2018, and it’ll likely be bigger than ever before. This is great news for your health, because growing plants indoors can actually reduce airborne contaminants, improve the air quality in your apartment, and even help you get over illnesses quicker. Even if you don’t have much of a green thumb, having a low-maintenance plant in your house will quickly add a sense of “homey-ness” to it.

Bold Floral Prints

Bold prints have been quite popular the last few years, but it’s clear that 2018 is going to be the year of the power flower. Flower prints are going to be on everything this year — from couches to pillows to curtains to throws. Working a floral pattern into your room is a great way to add some bold contrast to your home. Plus, it’ll automatically make the room feel cozier because it gives you that natural element you’ve been missing.

Natural, Earthy Accessories

To balance out all of the bold colors and patterns that will certainly be everywhere this year, you’ll also see a lot of natural, earthy accessories mixed in. Look for things like wooden platters, trays, plates, bowls, and cutting boards. Implementing both bold colors and natural, earthy ones will make your house look more balanced and give your eyes a bit of a rest from all the glitz and glam.

Eclectic Collections

Another great trend in 2018 will be to make your home look completely original and personalized by showing off your prized possessions in every room. If you happen to love old cooking tools and have recently acquired some of your grandmother’s, find a unique way to display them in your kitchen or dining room. If you happen to love collecting records, use the album covers as unique wall coverings. No matter what you’re into, let it shine through your home in the best way possible. When you have friends and family over, they want to see your personality reflected in your design, and what better way to do that than b y showing off the things you love?

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