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Mismatched furniture pieces arranged around one another for an eclectic living room aesthetic.

6 Design Rules You Should Think About Breaking

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If there’s one rule of thumb for design (and life, really), it’s that everything is always changing. read more

Interior Design Basics: Creating a Focal Point

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When it comes to design basics, it’s important to create a focal point. For example, in your living area, a focal point can be a prominent feature, such as an ornate piece of furniture, a painting, fireplace, picture window or expansive mirror. Creating a focal point, then, is essential to establishing a decorating theme. Determine the Focal […] read more

Interior Design Ideas: Roman Shades

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Roman shades are a great option to consider when trying to select window treatments.With so many different window treatments to choose from now, it can be a bit overwhelming. Do you want the privacy that blinds provide? Do you want the warmth and color of curtains? If you are having trouble making up your mind […] read more

Interior Decorating Ideas: Scandinavian Design Basics

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Scandinavian design is a great decorating theme to use in an apartment as it uses a functional yet minimalist look. Therefore, it can be implemented in many modern themes and is well-suited for apartments as it opens up a smaller space with furnishings that display low, sleek lines and simple but elegant styling. A No-Fuss Look When you’re decorating an […] read more

Interior Design Tips: How to Use Colors to Create a Mood

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There are a number of color design tips to keep in mind when creating a certain mood or ambiance for your apartment home. As a result, your color scheme as well as the type of décor you choose for your apartment will contribute to your selection of colors and the mood you’ll ultimately create. Understanding […] read more

Using a Room Divider as an Interior Design Element

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A room divider is a great way to break up a larger room and turn a single room into two or more. A room divider, though, can be a wonderful interior design element in itself. The following tips will help you in choosing and using a room divider as both a means to create separation […] read more