Bringing the Hygge Decor Style Into Your Apartment

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A super cozy living/sleeping area decorated in the simple-yet-trendy hygge style.

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for an atmosphere of coziness, or a safe environment. It’s pronounced “hoo-gah,” and it’s all about improving feelings of wellness and happiness in both your life and home. The idea also lends itself perfectly to apartment living, and it can help you turn your unit into the welcoming space you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

Turning any living space into a cozy and welcoming haven can be achieved in very simple steps. Seemingly small choices regarding things like lighting regulation, furniture placement, wall paint, and artwork can help bring the hygge mood into your home.

Start by trying out one or more of these simple tips:

Let in the Natural Light

Hygge is all about natural, ambient, and soft glow. It’s much better when you infuse more natural light into your home. Not only will your eyes will be thankful for this, but the extra boost of vitamin D will also help improve your mood.

Of course, not all apartments come with an endless supply of natural light. Should this be the case for you, try hanging mirrors across from a few windows. This will create the feeling of more space and light than your apartment actually has. Adding crystals above your windows may also help refract the light, further improving that expansive feeling.

Add More Candles

No hygge decor scene is complete without thick blankets and mood-setting candles!

Keep that ambient glow going long after the sun has set with the help of some cozy candles. More specifically, you should be on the lookout for white and neutral-colored candles with light, buttery smells that put your mind and body at ease.

Fire-up the candles at night instead of reaching for the reading lights. This will give some soft glow for reading, too. And while some may worry over the potential fire hazards candles pose, there are also lots of electronic candles available today that offer an equally cozy ambiance.

Focus on Neutral Color Schemes

Hygge decor usually revolves around a simple, straightforward color scheme that anyone can remake. Natural wood, beige, soft white, and gray colors are all winning options.

Pick your favorite colors and blend them together using soft white. Paint a wall creamy white, then add some mirrors with gray frames. Add a soft beige rug to your natural hardwood floors. All this will go towards fostering the cozy and welcoming feeling at the heart of the hygge philosophy .

Create Cozy, Comfortable Spaces

One of the best parts about hygge is creating cozy, comfy spaces tailored to spending lazy afternoons. Start with something simple like a reading nook in that awkward corner you have no idea what to do with. Add a comfortable armchair or include a window bench that doubles as book storage. Throw in a few pillows, blankets, and slippers, and it won’t be long before you’ve found your new favorite place in the apartment.

Get Nostalgic

Hygge is more about the feeling it creates than the way it looks. Focus on getting nostalgic with your favorite artwork, framed pictures of your loved ones, or anything else that reminds you of some good moments.

Fill your apartment with your favorite smells like buttercream, rose petals, pumpkin, wild mint, or apple spice. Arrange an array of perfumed candles on your mantle or fireplace. Even better, set up a diffuser with your preferred hygge-inspired essential oils.

Add Light Fixtures

While natural light is always essential to true home comfort, your hygge conversion should also see the addition of a few hip light fixtures around your apartment. Consider simple chandeliers or pendant lighting, or anything else that exudes the moods you love.

Remember to focus your attention on areas that are often overlooked in the apartment like the bathrooms, closets, and entryway. The more you’re able to create the warm hygge sensation everywhere in your home, the better you’ll experience it.

Health Benefits of Trendy, Cozy Hygge

Cozy, neutral living room decorated in the trendy Scandinavian "hygge" style.

There are numerous emotional, physical, and social benefits tied to the trending practice of hygge.

Emotional Benefits

Hyyge is intended to facilitate a sense of peace and tranquility in the home. And since we make sense of our experiences and environment through the use of sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste, it comes as no surprise that curating a cozy living space for ourselves helps us feel safer and less anxious, and more generally promotes a sense of emotional wellness.

Physical Benefits

When our minds feel safe and calm, our bodies respond accordingly. It’s only in times of anticipated dangers or threats that our bodies normally go into a response of freeze, fight, or flight. The trending Scandi-style environment facilitates safety and comfort in such a way that we always feel just a little more at ease.

Social Benefits

If we are comfortable and emotionally safe, we’re much more likely to reach out to and network with others. In a true hygge-focused lifestyle, there’s also a priority on connecting with friends and loved ones. Moreover, spending time with our loved ones can create a sense of belonging – a type of bond that positively affects our health and wellness in all sorts of ways.

In conclusion, there’s a lot more to hygge than just an excuse to decorate and hibernate. It can also be a way to feel happier during difficult moments. And let’s face it: who among us couldn’t stand to feel just a little more relaxed in these trying times?

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