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Young woman stresses over her monthly bills as she clutches credit cards in her right hand.

Which Bills You Should (and Shouldn’t) Put on Credit

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Using credit cards can be a controversial topic depending on who you ask, but there’s no denying their ability to provide both convenience and opportunities for financial rewards. read more

How to Save for a Mortgage while Renting an Apartment

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While your apartment may offer many amenities and luxuries that you absolutely love, it may not be the end-all of living spaces for you. But because you pay a rent note every month, you are not sure how you could possibly ever save enough money to buy a house. But all it really takes is […] read more

Identity Theft Prevention Tips for the Apartment Dweller

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Whether you realize it or not, identity theft is something that you, as an apartment dweller, should worry about. With the amount of personal information being collected and stored these days, every effort should be made to minimize the odds of your information falling into the wrong hands. What is Identity Theft? Identity theft results […] read more

Using a Credit Card to Furnish Your New Apartment

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So, you've finally done it. You've found the perfect apartment, have the keys in hand, and now it's time to relax and enjoy the new digs. Of course, the only problem is you don't have much furniture to sit and relax on. It may make sense to use your credit card to furnish and decorate your new apartment. Here are four reasons why: read more

How to Improve your Credit Report

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If you're thinking of moving into a larger apartment complex, chances are that your potential landlord or management company will run a few checks on your rental application. They may ask for character references, run a criminal background check and speak to former landlords. But these things don't usually present many problems for renters. What will really drag down an otherwise positive rental application is a poor credit score and the problematic credit report that accompanies it. read more

Charging Your Rent on a Credit Card

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These days, it seems like you can charge anything on a credit card: bus passes, school tuition, even a pack of gum. One thing that does get people pulling out their checkbook month after month is rent. Even this is slowly starting to change. Across the country, more and more apartment complexes are accepting credit cards for rental payments. We spoke to building managers and landlords across the country to see whether they allow tenants to pay rent on a credit card. read more