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Renter sifts through their mail searching for signs of mail tampering.

3 Signs of Mail Tampering

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Whether it’s the result of nosy neighbors, possible stalkers, or curious mail sorters and carriers, mail tampering is a federal offense. read more

Man excitedly opens a package inside his apartment.

Tips for Safely Receiving Packages in Your Apartment Building

We’ve all been there before: expectantly awaiting a package only to find it arrives damaged, or worse, doesn’t arrive at all read more

Neighbors Can’t Collect Your Mail? How the USPS Can Help While You’re Away

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If you’re headed out of town and there’s no one who can collect your mail for you, the USPS (United States Postal Service) offers services that can help ensure safe, timely delivery of your mail without making it obvious that no one’s home to collect it. The next time you’re away from home for a […] read more

5 Tips for Reducing Junk Mail

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While it might seem like a detail, reducing junk mail is a high priority for many consumers. Getting relief from the barrage of paper that is jamming up your mailbox or flooding your entry can be a complicated process. Here are some of the main strategies that lots of families and individuals are using to […] read more


Identity Theft Prevention Tips for the Apartment Dweller

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Whether you realize it or not, identity theft is something that you, as an apartment dweller, should worry about. With the amount of personal information being collected and stored these days, every effort should be made to minimize the odds of your information falling into the wrong hands. What is Identity Theft? Identity theft results […] read more

The Hassle of Picking Up Packages

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With the holidays behind us, there are thousands of people cramming the Internet, gift cards in hand, buying the gifts that they really wanted. As a matter of fact, I went online this morning and discovered that the leopard fur foot massager I ordered is due to be delivered today, and not a moment too soon--those bunions have been killing me! read more