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Renting After Foreclosure – Is it Possible?

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Foreclosure is a fact of life for many people in this economy. Some wonder if it renting after foreclosure is a possibility. You are not alone, and there are many people on your side. Michael Moore is rallying for a cease on all foreclosures until the mortgage mess is settled. People in the government are […] read more

How to Rent an Apartment with Bad Credit

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If you have splotchy credit, you may wonder how to rent an apartment when so many landlords only approve apartments to those with good credit. Actually, there are many ways to find a great rental without having a great credit history.  Sublet an Apartment Find someone who is locked into a lease already and is […] read more

How The Recession Affects Apartment Rental Rates

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Apartment rental rates fluctuate during economic recessions and booms. How rates will be affected in your local area is dependent on several factors. These could have either a positive or a negative impact on your search for an apartment (or how much you’ll end up paying for your monthly rent). Here are some of the […] read more

Identity Theft Prevention Tips for the Apartment Dweller

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Whether you realize it or not, identity theft is something that you, as an apartment dweller, should worry about. With the amount of personal information being collected and stored these days, every effort should be made to minimize the odds of your information falling into the wrong hands. What is Identity Theft? Identity theft results […] read more

How to Improve your Credit Report

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If you're thinking of moving into a larger apartment complex, chances are that your potential landlord or management company will run a few checks on your rental application. They may ask for character references, run a criminal background check and speak to former landlords. But these things don't usually present many problems for renters. What will really drag down an otherwise positive rental application is a poor credit score and the problematic credit report that accompanies it. read more

Understanding Your Credit Report

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Your credit score can be a major influence on whether or not you’re approved to rent an apartment or receive a loan. You’re entitled to a free copy of your credit report each year—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can understand it. This article will help you understand your credit score and take any necessary actions to improve it. read more

Six Steps to Good Credit

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A good credit rating is a requirement for taking up tenancy in a swanky apartment. If you’re stuck living in flood-prone places with cracked windows and noisy neighbors (made even noisier by the super-thin walls), think about boosting your credit rating so you can qualify to live somewhere a little bit nicer. read more

What the FCRA Can Do For You

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Federal Certificate of Real Awesomeness? Five Clearly Ridiculous Awards? Fun Cleaning Random Ashtrays? What is the FCRA, anyway, and how does it affect you as an apartment resident? This article demystifies the acronym of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, explaining how it protects you as a tenant. read more