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4 Tips for Purchasing a Foreclosure

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Purchasing a foreclosure is on the rise during the current economic recession. More and more bargains are available to first time homeowners and veterans alike, as individuals across the United States are finding it a financial hardship to keep up with mortgage and property tax payments. If you’re looking to buy one these properties, you […] read more

Renting After Foreclosure – Is it Possible?

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Foreclosure is a fact of life for many people in this economy. Some wonder if it renting after foreclosure is a possibility. You are not alone, and there are many people on your side. Michael Moore is rallying for a cease on all foreclosures until the mortgage mess is settled. People in the government are […] read more

Top 5 Steps if Your Rental is Foreclosed

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Look in any newspaper these days and you'll see a whole list of foreclosures. Not all of those foreclosures are just affecting homeowners, though. Some of those houses were rentals, making life suddenly harder for tenants. If your landlord is losing your apartment, condo or house in a foreclosure, you still have some options. read more