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6 Ways to Declutter and Rework a Room for Good

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Apartment living space is often limited, so for comfort and visual appeal, it is important to keep clutter to a minimum. By learning how to declutter, not only will your apartment look better, but also it will open up the space and make it feel larger. Decluttering is not as overwhelming a task as you […] read more

Closet Organization for the Clutterbug

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When it comes to storage clothes and shoes, there are a few simple tips that make for great closet organization. You don’t have to have a giant walk in closet to have all belongings neat and tidy. By following a few of the tips listed, any closet can be completely in order. Shelves for Shoes […] read more

Getting Rid of Clutter: Donating Old Clothes

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Getting rid of clutter is a necessary but unpleasant job. While doing so will keep your home clean and reduce your stress level, it is rarely a task many people look forward to. Decluttering your home, though, is oftentimes as simple as purging your closet and donating your old clothes. Emptying your closet will provide […] read more

4 Ways to Control Clutter in Your Child’s Bedroom

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Sometimes you may feel a bit overwhelmed when you see the mounting clutter in your child’s bedroom. However, there are ways you can control clutter and feel less anxious about the amount of toys and miscellany that seem to accumulate over time in your child’s domain. 1. A Place for Everything To keep you child’s […] read more

Too Much Stuff? Selling versus Storing

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Having too much stuff can be a hassle to tote around from apartment to apartment and can severely damage the ambiance of your apartment by allowing for too much clutter. So, the big decision is: what to do with all of your stuff? Should you store it away or should you sell it and get […] read more

How to Eliminate Clutter in 15 Short Minutes

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The best way to make your home appear as though it is a clean home is to eliminate clutter. The build up of clutter is the first thing that someone will see when they walk into your home, not the hidden dust balls in the corner. So, in order to eliminate the clutter from your […] read more

Hide Clutter with Decorative Storage Boxes

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No matter where you live, there’s usually some degree of clutter that needs tending. Decorative storage boxes not only help to hide clutter, but can add a touch of flair to your living space. Select containers, bins and boxes in different colors and textures to spice up your decor. Here are a few attractive ways […] read more

5 Easy Closet Organization Strategies

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Closet organization is critical when living in a small space, apartment, or really anywhere with limited closet space. Here are some easy closet organization strategies to help maximize your minimum closet space. 1 – The Over-the-Door Hanging Shoe Rack Cheap, easy, and completely worthwhile is a hanging show rack. Usually made of plastic or vinyl, […] read more

How to Declutter Your Closets

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When you live in a small space with limited storage (like an apartment), clutter tends to accumulate quickly, especially in closet spaces. Solving the problem of how to declutter your closets is simple: you need to tackle the problem step by step. Step 1: Take Everything Out Go around to each closet and empty its […] read more