Closet Organization for the Clutterbug

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When it comes to storage clothes and shoes, there are a few simple tips that make for great closet organization. You don’t have to have a giant walk in closet to have all belongings neat and tidy. By following a few of the tips listed, any closet can be completely in order.

Shelves for Shoes

The first step in a clean closet is keeping shoes up off the floor. There are many options for this. Shelves, shoe racks, or an enclosed shoe cabinet that features pull down doors are all different options for shoe storage. There is also an over the door shoe rack that is a possibility. Whatever the closet size, one of these options would work.

Hanger for Belts and Scarves

There is a hanger that is a half-circle shape. It hangs on the closet rod and has a loop that curves around. This product is great for holding belts and scarves. Just fasten the belt and place it on the hanger. Very simple. This will make a huge difference in easily seeing all available accessories.

Purse Rack

This item is a necessity for those with multiple purses. This is a holder that can be attached to the closet door with multiple hooks for easy storage of unused and off-season handbags. Depending on the size of the closet, the purse rack can be attached to a wall.

Sweaters and T-Shirts

For sweaters, there are long, thin boxes for storing. These sweater boxes easily stack and can hold two sweaters per box. This is a great way to store them during the spring and summer months, and also allows them to be easily found. The boxes are see through, allowing searching to be quick and easy.This option is a great way to keep them protected.

T-shirts are the same way. These boxes allow multiple t-shirts to be housed. Just like the sweater boxes, these containers are clear, making finding that special T a cinch. No more digging through the hanging clothes searching. This is a must have for any closet.

While there are many products available for closet organization, every closet is different. Planning what you need for optimal organization is important. It will ensure that you purchase the required items needed, and that the closet makeover goes smoothly and quickly.

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